GangWarsRP gamemode "DOWLOAD"

I uploaded the GanGWARSRP GAMEMODE for you guys. But all the codes are in gmod 12. Which you should update it to GMOD 13. Spread the link out to everyone and Hope you enjoy.


Or short link: -snip-

(User was banned for this post ("Leaking" - Grea$eMonkey))

how about a no

Oh god, I remember the last shitwar where the owner of that community tried to be top shit but everyone ended up laughing at him.


shitstorm incoming?
leaked gamemode?
It’s perp all over again!

re uploading a stolen gamemode that doesnt even work for the current garrysmod. I just got cancer from this thread.

> Registers December 2012
> Posts already stolen gamemode that is on the internet in other places

Sounds like a virus to me :wink: