Ganing Delux Or Xenon Servers


can any one help me decide what host’s to get?

i heard Bad reviews about xenon but there cheaper.

any one ever used them? any lag?


I would suggest xenon.

Used xenon for years, they’re fine.

Anything with gaming in the title is a gimmick.

Allright thanks guy’s

Gaming Deluxe.

Try them, I’ve had a servers with them for nearly a year. I currently collocated with them. But yea, go try out GD for some great support and network uptime.

Also, a major factor here.

Gaming Deluxe are hosted in UK
Xenon are in Dallas.

Depending if you want EU or US connectivity.

Gaming Deluxe has some security issues, just keep that in mind. If you want a EU host, pick brohoster or something.

I agree. :buddy:

The problem with Brohoster is they are small and rather new. Xenon has fast support also.

I’d pick Xenon.

do they have fish ddos protection?

No, absolutely not.