Ganondorf Breen Reaplacement for Half-Life 2

I was wondering, does any body know how to make replacements for people in Half-Life 2? Cause I wanted a replacement of Wallace Breen to be Ganondorf, if that’s possible. Thanks.

who is that?

He is the final boss of the Legend of Zelda Twilight princess. There is already a model of him, and I can provide some pictures if needed.


Well, is there not any body who can do this, or is it not possible? Well, I’ve seen it done with Samus, and Zelda, but they both had animations as well…

Twilight Princess? Try All the Zelda games

Provide pictures when you post requests so you don’t get banned, dude.

Even cooler idea: Have Ganondorf in Breen’s suit. As if he adjusted to life in the future or something.

this is a good idea.

personally i think those old hl2 faces are becoming more and more tiresome to look at. it’s about time we mixed n matched.

You’d need to rig him to the valve biped (the hard part), then it would be fairly easy to compile him as required for a replacement (name of thing replacing and corrrect anims).

The suit thing would be interesting, but would need a complete remodel to look good enough (head hacking would just look silly :P).

Edit: You’d also have to replace all breen’s sound files with Gannon’s strange noises, for authenticity :stuck_out_tongue:

imagine the last scene were your in the pod thingy and breen is giving you a long speech. That would sound funny if it was Gannon’s weird noises. I would get it.