This isn’t much, But I thought it was a nice screenshot. So Here you are! :slight_smile:



I cant see them, and when i try and post the link in my address box, it gives me a 403 message.

Your urls are broken.

Hmm, I’ll upload somewhere else then. Edited first post with the new pics.

Don’t pose on a server. That is obvious, and these are pretty boring.

I know they are boring, Nothing is happening. Its the simple fact of how something so boring can look good, And It was on my server with a friend, I just wanted to take a pic of what I did. Its like with real photography, Most of it looks boring, but still looks great. See what I’m getting at? Not everything has to be full of action or people for that matter.

Boring stays in real.

Action only here.

You cold of atleast cut out the Bonita’s server.

The prop placement is good but like I said, nothing special, doesn’t look like your graphics are top either.

Yeah, I can see you’re new around here.

If I must, I’ll post bonuses with the boring ones in the future. And I didn’t even notice the banner till I posted. Either way its straight from the game, No editing. Graphics are as high as they will go on my comp I believe…

I hate to burst your bubble and piss on your parade but “boring” scenes are usually labored over painstakingly to find the correct subject matter, [be it architecture, props, people], an exciting angle, zoom, perspective, proper lighting. Then in post-processing (photoshop) the colors are tweaked and balanced, excess cropped, flaws erased, etc.

Google Images: “still life photography” you can see what I mean when I say lighting, color, perspective, etc.

Real photography is only “boring”, because gang-bangers don’t tend to let you photo-op their initiations or drive-bys and cops don’t let you photograph them beating citizens anymore. The thing is, what real photography lacks in “action”, it makes up in with atmosphere, mood, emotional depth, even a particular message.

I’m not saying don’t take boring screenshots. What I am saying is if you’re going to, do it with style.

I understand that this was a quaint scene and I can see and appreciate that. I think the point I’m trying to get across is you did little other than crouch and snap an image, which in your head looked a certain way, but to us it’s just a screenshot with stretched edges of random props strewn across the edge of a room.

I mean, for what it is, it’s good I suppose, it’s just that it could be so much more.

There’s the right way of saying it right there, Anyway I was pleased with how my new one was turning out. till my textures messed up and I raged and quit. I sat there in gmod since the last post I made. hm, Life hates me. Oh well, I Liked the pic probably cause of the lighting. No effects in game. All straight out of the world. like a Screenshot, normally means… In game effects are nice, but its still nice to just see unedited pictures once in a while to me. use nothing but the best graphics you can get and use the world for the effects. But that’s just me of course, everyone’s different.

who the fuck died and made you king shit of the forums?

there are only so many action screenshots you can make before it gets old, i’ll take pictures of whatever i goddamn please.

that said, if you’re going to try do a still life dealio, try and make it more visually interesting or detailed. just putting in a handful of random props doesn’t cut it.

It’s a stretch but I understand the image. He is portraying Silent Hill at its finest.