Garbage day!

I tried to make it as close as possible but i failed i tried my best to fit it with the vid here you go half dead and headshotter

Wait why the fuck did you shoot me? D:

cuz your model way to cool :I plus i kill him for you and ur coolness brings your self back to life :open_mouth:

I didn’t know muzzle flashes were red. You have to Cntrl+U and select Colorize and make it yellow, duplicate the layer, make the layer “Hard Light” and make it red. Also, use the burn tool at 28% with the Maple leaves from the Special Effect brushes and go over it. Also, double click on the layer, and goto Outer Glow, and make the transparency low with a yellowish color and mess with the spread settings and all that jizz. Good luck, I hope this helped.

Oh also, go up too the Color Selction, under Selection, and with the dropper select your yellow color. Then Edit>Fill>White - 60ish Transparency, so you don’t get yelled at by V-Man :D. I hope my nooby tips helped you, as me and you are still learning :v:

And--------------------------------------Don’t use to much blur, it hurts my eyes with a fish eye effect. If you are going to blur it, don’t do it in game. Use photoshop and just select around your guy and use Gaus. Blur.

thanks for the tips

Oh, I meant color range, sorry :P.

And no problem.


this is such an old meme

I think this should go in the personal skin thread.


It Lacks it.

why are they all blurry?

You should have used super DOF, posing in general is just BAD, faceposing in general looks retarded, whatever you did with the saturation makes it really fucking ugly.

there wasnt alot of any thing in the sence so and the guy was really smiling the whole time and i didnt want to take more then 1 guy moving his mouth up and down