Garbage Man Too

A note for you

The white man from the first one is now a black man


oh yeh the first one


It’s also not a zombie comic

it’s about a man who gets through

I couldn’t really understand part of the comic, the editing on it is awesome.

joe died

Poor Joe :crying:

Nice lighting, all the screens are great looking.


in the last frame.

Laughed hard. x)

“Before you make an old man cry.”???
But Eli is just as old as he is…
Hmm, there is not that much to remark about the comic to be honest.

The comic is great… The first version made me Lol D:

Dude, garbage man 1 was waay better.


Also, where are the horridly faked grammar errors?

this was build up for number 3

which is why i made him black guy but i can’t reveal any more

that was awesome.