gArcade. An im game arcade system for your server!

Hey there,

I was planning on releasing this on coderhire but because the script comes with a backend on my server it was not approved. Because of this I am releasing it here for free.

Basically what this addon does is add a full fledged arcade to your server. Players can invoke the arcade by using the command !arcade.

I am not releasing the web backend for the script right now just the frontend. What this means is that while the script is fully working you will be linked to my server for serving the games. This means less configuration for you and more control over how it is used by me. In the future I may release the backend.

Right now over 140 games are available and I plan on adding more in the future.

Main Menu

Playing Game

Download link:

How to install:

Just drop in your addons directory and use the command !arcade to play!

Want to test it?
Join our TTT server @

If you would like to thank me an buy me a coffee then click here! And to thank you for your donation I will add 5 more games per $2 donated. (if it’s not allowed to have this button here I am very sorry and feel free to remove it. Thanks)

So… it just opens a HTML panel to flash games?

That is what the lua front end does, yes.

And the HTML backend is just a web page with .swf files on it?

No, the backend is a php web application that in the future I will be adding more features too.

I guess this is sort of handy, but I could just put a HTML panel up for or something if I wanted people to be able to play flash games.

The reason I made this was because I was making a simple php app for practice using external api’s.

I know it means nothing to the end user but there is actually a lot of time gone into this and an extensive backend to it. I can add games from a few sources with the push of a button from various websites that I added support for the api with.

Right now all it is for the end user is a tidy list of games for people to play.

I plan on adding features in the future including hi-scores for games that have the available api. I just need to practice lua more as as it stands I have no idea how to pass a steamid to the server so that I can make accounts for each player so they can have hi score profiles.

I think it needs to be more lua oriented - loading the swf files through the client itself instead of just using a frame with a DHTML. It seems more like you are trying to make an arcade website than a Garry’s Mod Addon.

The web-framework side seems pretty interesting though.