Gardens for food


I whipped this up in 3ds Max as I reckon it would be an awesome addition to Rust. It would also look cool I reckon.

Horray, I made the dirt surface seem more believeable

Nice work man, keep it up!

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee Garry.
I even made a fruit bin horray

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Bamboo (Excuse the horrible texture, assholes on the net always have to fucking put a watermark somewhere, ruining the texture)

I reckon this would make a good starter building material, like enough to help a newbie get started. This would lessen the whining about wood being too hard for a fresh spawn, and I reckon it’d even look nice as a improvised resource.

yes yes yes i need this

watcha need?

Your ideas I guess :smiley:
Really nice stuff, just keep it flowin’.
I like it when there is real contribution in the forum rather than bitchin’ whinin’ threads.


A sail boat :smiley:
Or something similar

Hmm, I’ll see what else I can whip up for you guys. By the way, for the main wood textures, they can be found in the 3ds Max Materials library.

In the garden, can you grow weed?

Heh not sure, if it were implemented, Garry would decide that, but I’m sure he could find a use for it, not sure what though.

Weed, also known as Hemp, is also used to make rope. :slight_smile:

Weird, i smoke my weed

Oh yeah! You got a great point there, good idea.

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We could even have interior plants! (For the people wanting to grow weed in the attic)

Excuse the crudeness of the lemon, it is just a placeholder.

It’s not minecraft!!!

Well I don’t see Minecraft having gardens (I do realize you can imitate them with farm plots, but none which look like the models is what I’m saying), so what are you trying to say?

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The texture is just a placeholder in this one, but it looks alright I think - By the way, this wouldn’t stop players accessing something, I’d just be to look nice or create sections in a clan living zone, etc.

Farming would be nice, especially for those areas where animals are scarce. Or for bases that are really out in the sticks they can grow hemp and build houses out of that.

Haha yep, I reckon farming would also reduce the hostility of people by some amount. Why I think this is, is because people may end up making ‘public farms’ for newbies to use, overall restoring some friendship in communities.

how do u make the pot and fence´s etc how is that program called ;o

3ds Max, bloody good program too. It’s not free, but Blender is another good one which is free.