Gardevoir in a petal shower


Thanks to some helpful people, my GMOD has a LOT less addons, and loads faster and doesn’t crash anymore! I still cannot figure out the cause to the jaggedness, after toying with my monitor and in game settings(everything in game was the highest it can be, thanks again people from the gmod help forum!)

PS: Argh terrible textures on everything but gardevoir. Help? Mess with original?

did you really try to make a serious pose with a lo-res pokemon model? come on




That Gardevoir is from Pokepark wii, the most recent Pokemon game in Japan.

The Brawl one is much lower res, not sure about the trophy though, but this is as good as it gets

It happens and it’s easy to fix in post-production.

Use something more high quality for everything you used for the picture before. Pretty easy solution.

This time I increased the Antiscopic thing to X6, and I didn’t shrink the picture.

If you set anisotropic filtering to it’s highest and your resolution is 1024px × 768px. That means you didn’t have the highest settings.

Those models make me cry

The models make me want to hurt kittens.


Good for you, now gimme HD models of them now from Pokemanz Pink and purple on the Sexbox 360 so I can replace these up to date models with craptacular HD models.

Do not do this if you want to be respected or taken seriously in any form

Actually, that model’s from Brawl, with the textures from Battle Revolution. I should know, I’m the one that gave them to ApocHedgie to work on. And there is no “high-poly” Gardevoir – the one from Brawl is the exact same as the one from Battle Revolution. Seriously.

But, anyway, if you don’t like it, fine. There’s no written law that says we have to please everyone.

Rolls eyes

Are you 8 years old?

Take those pokemon models and make a fucking mega thread where you post this kinda stuff.
Stop making single threads for it.

That fish creeps me out so bad

rated op gaybow

So it is.

But people complaining over models is just stupid. These are as good as it gets. Instead of trolling other pictures, try to one up me and do something better. A lot of these pokemon models are pretty damn good. They fit in almost every TF2 map, they are easy to pose, and if edited properly, they look fantastic.

“Haters gonna Hate”.

If the model is bad from the start then it means you shouldn’t do it.

Complaining about people complaing about you using shit to make shit is stupid.
If it’s not good and it “is as good as it gets” then it is a crystal clear indication of it not being good enough to use. It’s like chosing an idea that you know won’t end up being good enough because it doesn’t cover enough, whatever, to become good.

Telling people to do better is also the stupidest thing to do. Ever. Just because people can or can’t do it better does not matter one bit.

The “I don’t see you doing any better argument” Isn’t flattering.

What you call trolling is constructive criticism.
If they fit into a TF2 map, then pose them in a TF2 map.
If they can be edited properly than edit them properly.


I have done better and the only edit to make these models look better is to completely redraw it.

so no they don’t look “damn good”