Pweez? :slight_smile:

I just think it’d be bad-ass to have a pokemon following you around and such (assuming someone made an LUA script that allowed you to spawn it as a pet or some sort). But since this is a model request, I won’t go into details such as scripts for it.

I want Gardevoir specifically since that’s my favorite pokemon. :slight_smile:

Good idea, I doubt every Pokémon request would be fulfilled, but Gardevoir seems to me like it would be one of the most popular ones.

Maybe the people who are working on the Brawl characters can also do Pokéball Pokémon?

Do Gardevoir have legs? Just curious. :confused:

Glad to see others might also agree with this idea.

Also, yes, they do have legs. The pokemon in the back in that pic there is the one I like, the other one looks fugly. :slight_smile:

Yes gardevoir have legs, If you have smash bros brawl you can see them on the trophy i think

I agree with this proposal. Proceed.

I think that it have been requested in the brawl throphy ragdols or in the brawl characters thread… maybe you could search that threads so you could quote that request and say that you will be very grateful if it would be done. they are making a big ammount of things from brawl, so if you are patient, probably it will appear in one of that threads.

That’s no Gardevoir, that is Gallade,the one in the front, for your information.In the back there, that’s Gardevoir.

Gardevoir RULZ! =)

I’m sure either she/he/it is being made, or will be. Check the Brawl trophy thread.

Gardevoir is kinda like Kratos, but still Cooler (& a girl)…

I agree, Gardevoir is a cool pokemon, who should be modeled ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks cool and all however with out good references it’d be a tad mind numbing to model. There is always ripping from pokemon colosseum or the other one for gamecube. If someone can provide more reference picture I might try to make one.

Sorry - what a ASAP???

I am big fan of gardevoir (srory my english bad =)


um… sorry - what pictures do you need? i have many artworks about gardevoir =)
P.S. - how i canupload Images inthat forum? photobucket??

It means As Soon As Possible. It be’s an Acronym.

Ou =) thanx…

Em… Ewrybody die?


No, but this thread will :stuck_out_tongue: Just pay attention to the Brawl Trophies thread, and wait! Gardevoir is bound to come up someday…

so bad - i can’t play Colosseum or Gale Of Darknes… =(
Fakin Dolphin Emu won’t work!

…Buy a Gamecube then? Or even a Wii? :confused: They’re not that good anyway…

I always wanted models of Zangoose and Espeon, but I’d also like to see a model of Gardevoir (and Gallade) also.

For emulators you usually need to find a bios file for it.