Garrett stalking a Guard.

I want Garrett, awesome pose

Garret looks too old.

But I still LOVE the picture.

Well that’s just neat. The whole blending with the shadow thing looks really really good. I like it a lot.

…A lamp? Howcome no one noticed the light is coming from a lamp?

Looking good.

looks fine to me

you should have given him the blackjack because hitting people in the back of the head with a blunt object is way better than stabbing them

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cuz it’s funny

Nobody says Garrett doesn’t grow old :v:

I would’ve except I haven’t modeled it yet.

Thanks everyone.

Will we ever get Garrett?
I’m begging you to not keep it private.

Woops. Rated myself.

There are lamps in Thief universe, since it is rather steampunk related world.

It’ll be released sooner or later, depending on how fast I finish the blackjack and get proper textures for the dagger and it.


Stabby mc staberson

I don’t think he’d want to turn around any time soon. A face like that out of the dark would make anyone shit their pants.

Die with your dignity intact generic knight.

Again, nice work.

I really wish there was a “What in the hell are you talking about?” rating.

Beautiful pose, I enjoy the shadow.

Awesome job with the pose, great job on the models!

Once again, you’ve pulled the lighting and the pose off perfectly. Well done.

I mean, an electric lamp, get it?

But it appears that there are in the Thief universe. Well from what Ilwrath said at least…

As you can see.

Yep I’m sorry i know nothing at all about Thief. I thought it was set in a medieval universe.