Garrus about to pop Saren a big one

Comments, ratings, opinions, please.


Changed hosting site, 'cause imageshack is teh suck.

Half-Life map, Mass Effect characters AND Team Fortress 2 weapon?
Rated Artistic!

Not be an asshole or lazy, but where did you get those models?

I’m porting them, and will be released eventually.

Well done.

I wanna see him pop Saren!

Everything is pretty good but the TF2 weapon makes it look pretty dumb.

the models don’t fit together

I just ruined my best pair of pants.

I’m glad. :slight_smile:

But sorry about your pants. :frowning:

I guess you choosed the TF2 shotgun because it was the only one that fitted on that guys fat fingers lol
Models looking goooood.

To be honest it was the most powerful looking gun I had at hand at the time.

fantastic ports, keep up the good work man!

Zounds! Where’s his monocle D:

I heard the Mass Effect models were somewhat difficult to port over into gmod.

But this looks promising. :slight_smile:

Everything looks okay except the Scattergun being out of place.


Great posing too.

Garrus looks a bit weird without his scanner

Publicly or Privately?

Looks alright, dunno how they’re suppose to stand so I can’t shred the posing.

And bawww, you’re not gonna make Ben’s Saren special anymore :smiley:

Like the camera angle. And the rest to.

That’s some awesome fingerposing. Looking forward to your models being released!