Garrus and Legion in Varren infected caves

I like legion’s light effect, but the gun holding for both of them is akward.

Not bad, but I think it is sorta empty.


Fingerposing is weird on both of them.

Nice eye glow effect, though Garrus’ posing seems a bit stiff.

Could have messed a bit more with the contrast as well, make the characters stand out more from the background.

posing on garrus looks weird

It’s okay. The lens flare is good. It seems like you’re getting into a Ben Wolfe routine of making really generic pictures but then slapping a bit of backstory on them.

'aint a lens flare bro, i made it.

“Lens flare” isn’t just the name of the filter in photoshop, but also the name of the flare in the lens. lol.



bro you be makin me look stupid

Don’t worry, I’ve made the same mistake :frown: