Garrus being shot...

… or one more reason why i sucked in Gmod.

Well why the fuck…
Ban me allready

I can hardly tell what’s going on here…

Eerrm, star explosion inside Garrus?

I like it,although it looks more like his heart is exploding or something.

Man that bullet broke right through the kinetic shield. Guy who shot that must be equipped with High Explosive Rounds LXVI or something.

Oh ha. Okay I admit. It’s not a bad thing.

Also you rate me winner and give me a nerd alert. Huh?

Garrus should have worn Heavy Skin Weave LLXVII

He’ll be okay. Just throw some medi-gel on it.

Garrus is just kinda looking away. I can’t see his face but from the way he’s reacting to the shot I assume he’s just going “Welp, guess that’s a little bit of a downer on my day :geno:”.