Garrus: Galactic Fashionista Extraordinaire

So after Garrus’ title as Archangel was stripped by my previous thread, he took up a new career and found his true calling: the fashion industry.

Hell, even I fell victim to his sexiness:

Just being stupid. I’ll post a serious picture after this dies.

I guess I cannot put media tags anymore or something… :confused:

Nope. Media tags no longer work for images.
Funny though.


Nice model though.

That is less of a fap face and more of a FFUUUUUUUUUUU face.

I must FUUUUU to Fap because I fap with rage.

Your poor poor penis.


chafing lol

Not Garrus! :byodood:

Oh, what a stud!

He has reach. I have flexibility. :smug:

He’s really flexible, look at his hips.
What a man.

Dual Visors?!?! Good god, man, you’ll kill us all!



Oh lol.


OH lol.


OH lol.

Fuk da web

Is it just me, or is that alien a girl?

It’s whatever your hormones wish it to be. :slight_smile:



He’s Caliberulous…