Garrus, Tali, And Legion walking on a desolate planet

The first artsy screenie I’ve attempted.

C&C would be appreciated, I want to get better at this.

fuck you


it sucks

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - GunFox))

Low-res ground is Low-res.

It’s GM_Atomic, so thats probably why.


My feelings, dey are hurt.

Where did you get the guns?

Madmanmad made a pack of some Mass Effect models.

I just downloaded it, put it into garrysmod/garrysmod AND garrysmod/garrysmod/addons and it wont work. Where did you put it?

take the materials, models, and settings folders and just paste them into the main gmod directory,


then you’ll have a spawnlist with the models in it.

But thats what I did. I pressed export in winrar and put it into that exact spot.

Wait, sorry, misread you. That’s odd that they aren’t working, I just pasted em in there and bam they worked.

You sure you didn’t just miss em in the spawnlists? I almost did that too.

I put it in the addons and the garrysmod/garrysmod.

Did you go to browse and look for them or did you just not see the spawnlist?

Yeah I went to browse, and I did find my Garrus Legion and Tali, but not my guns. I’m retrying now.

Badly posed…work on that…


With Tali I can see what you mean but what about Garrus and Legion? What’s off on them?

It still wont work, also it looks perfectly fine to me.

Something is odd about the angle, and don’t use GM_Atomic.

Those models are a bitch to pose, so that’s why it looks a little off. I have to say Legion looks the best. Work on the posing a little, but only Garrus and Tali need it. Legion looks fine. Also, I don’t recommend using Atomic; it doesn’t really work for poses unless it’s a scene build or heavily edited.