@Garry - 150k colliders & modern weapons

Hey Garry, I’ve been playing the game and I’ve noticed that after roughly 1 week, the game needs to be wiped.

Why? 2 Reasons.

1- The unity 150k collider limit.
2- After 1 week the game transitions from “cavemen surviving”, to call of duty.

For point #1, I think you could make it so pillars are no longer required between walls, that should save a massive amount of colliders, furthermore the admin of the server I play in made a plugin that makes twig stuff decay and disappear over 4 hours, that also saves up a massive amount of colliders, its something you might want to consider.

For point #2, consider having the game be more “low tech”, where the gap between established players and newmen isnt so massive. Bows, or being able to throw spears, crossbows, something a bit more medieval oriented would probably do a lot of good for the game, rather than going from bows to AK-47’s, pump action shotguns and C4.


even when i can craft all the weapons / armor and stuff on my server… the most fur for me is when i go outside with a bow and a stone spear… using hide cloths…i just go out with weapons / amor and c4 when i really want revenge :smiley: so i do agree the " rusty " aspect of the game is more funnier

Just bring back DECAY, and all is solved.

If there is a performance issue with decay, make it a routine to run once a day in “maintenance mode” for about 30 minutes.

sounds fun. I like to go to go to the snow biome naked and see how long I can survive. i got up to about 4 hours last week running around killing the rare deer. i lucked out and got a few pieces of clothing early on. That run ended when I accidentally found 2 fully geared guys making themselves an outpost :).
( Yes I went back later they had already armored it up)

i want metal shields to ignore bullets and rush toward my rich enemies!

couldnt agree more when it comes to the wipe, the game seems to be more and more filled with crap, empty houses that has been block off by raiders, ect ect. this can only be a bad thing for the servers, and the more empty crap we got around the more new houses people have to build, wich in the end takes up all the memory of the servers, and wooptyeffingdu we got our self a laggy server.

Hello, could you please tell me if the name of this plugin?

I would do this on my server, currently has 135,000 entities.


for the 150k colliders
if colliders are merged together when 2 object share the same plane this will reduce dramatically the number of colliders in the world.
a large floor will only be 1 collider independently from the amount of floor objects.

Collider bunching is what legacy did, and it’s a lot more tedious and cumbersome than you think.

Because now an entire wall is bunched into one collider. That’s great, until someone hits the wall, and now the collider has to be unbunched into its separate colliders so the single wall piece can take damage. Then everything gets re-bunched to conserve colliders after some amount of time after no more damage/interaction. It can be hell on performance.

I don’t agree with removing pilars. I think ppl who figure out how to build properly, plan their buildings, etc, should have a slight structural advantage over ppl who just throw up walls.

This is a very good idea, and seems to work well. Only twig decays, it is re-calculated once on the hour, and anything that isn’t upgraded past twig gets decayed 5 HP. This means that you either upgrade your twig buildings of they are gone within a few hours, and only the “serious” buildings remain. Also gets rid off all raid towers…

I think almost everybody agrees with twig decay.

Some people agree on pillars. I am undecided.

Some people agree on guns. I personally think they should be nerfed a bit. I want more melee/caveman fighting.

What if they added some sort of garbage collection?

Every object should have a priority(fixed) and an age(depending on the last time it was used).
The server owner configures a soft limit for the number of colliders.

When the number of colliders is greater than 1.2limit then start the garbage collector.
The garbage collector marks for deletion the objects whose (age
priority) is greater than 1 week.
The garbage collector deletes the objects starting from the oldest ones.
When the colliders are less than 0.8*limit then stop the garbage collector.

All the elements of a house should share the age of the youngest item (like in legacy).
Trees and resources count too. This also solves the problem of ore nodes spawning
in unreachable places.

Is adding decay to new Rust completely off the table? I hope not.

I loved in legacy that you could hunt for bases that opened up due to decay. So, as a solo player without C4, I could go treasure hunting for loot. It made it interesting.

But I guess with cupboards you could not build to get in to these bases if the top of them opened up (like you would in legacy).

Why can’t Unity fix the collider limit -_-

You want masive server RAM consumption? becouse thats how you get masive server RAM consumption…
(insert archer picture here)

Because its not really Unity there problem infusednz…

Unity has a problem in the sense that they performance drops at 150k to not acceptable. But the Nvidia Physx that they use normally only goes up to 250k. So somewhere there is indeed a discrepancy of 100k. But it does not solve the problem in the long term ( if people want to run the servers for more then a few weeks in between wipes ). Especially as theoretically even that 250k limit is not supposed to be there.

God forbid if anybody tries to run a server permanently without wipes.

It’s technically not an issue with Unity, but an issue with the version of PhysX that Unity is using (3.3).

In PhysX 3.4, there is practically no issue with colliders.

So I suppose the blame is all around. It’s NVIDIA’s fault that there was such a restriction in PhysX 3.3, and it’s Unity’s fault that they opted to use 3.3 over 3.4. The only way around it without any hackish code would be for Unity to upgrade the version of PhysX used in Unity 5, but I don’t see them doing that anytime soon unless there’s a large enough demand for it. As large of a game that Rust is, and as big as the community is around it, I doubt one game alone will be enough to convince the Unity devs to put in this change. Even if they did, it probably wouldn’t be until the next major release, and Unity tends to have a pretty slow release cycle for the engine.