Garry and his sponsored "clans"

Was playing game RUST for several months and was wondering why this game still in alfa testing for…3 years ??? now i find out that and ll try to open your eyes on that - admin and main developer of this game GARRY gives to some clans like CHARGE unlimited resourses and all bluprints, as well as self made aimbot)
so if i get all bluprints and everything and already heavily geared - u could die from only 1 arrow launched from hunters bow even while ure on 6-7 floor tower behind armored lattice wearing face mask (even before it was downgraded) - u always getting shoot in your eye… Also one more noticed thing that ever if youre in house - doesnt matter how many walls or levels u have - u always getting shoots over ur walls on level ure currently are… so it means that VH also made by GARRY and it actually shows all ur stores and ur own position. theyre inventing new walls new hatches etc… but - if theyre supporting hackers and are hackers by themselves - it cost nothing. One more thing i noticed - that as soon as u enter gaming menu - without connecting to game server (that means no any load on graphics card) - my MSI Lightning starting to increase coolers rpm up to 80 pct - it means that graphic cards of all users playing this game used by developers to mine some bitcoins or altcoins taking in mind such shitty graphics in the game… Stop inventing new shit - first fix shit youre in… also one of chaarge member said that all they have was given to them by GARRY… who the hell is GARRY ?! GOD ?!
thats all. Cheers.

You’re joking right? Otherwise you’ve got the wrong forum. This isn’t for conspiracy theories.

Damn this Garry guy whoever he is :mystery:

im not into theories ) my AMD driver hopefully capture every game session ) so )

So are you just pure f$&@#%g retarded or is it general loss of knowledge?

lmao you’re still going with these stupid accusations?

Prove it.


lmao do you not realize that the main menu is a scene and that’s why your GPU usage goes up?

i killed in real life protecting my country more than how old you are… you mean i just must buy on facepunch forum aimbot for rust ?!

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3D scene using 90 pct of MSI 7970 Lightning ???!!!

Yes, if you send me $5 on Paypal I’ll grant you access to the hidden Rust subforum where we sell hacks and post photos of kittens stuffed in shoeboxes for fun. You got us.

Also I’m Donald Trump and I plan on declaring Rust the official game of the USA after I’m elected President.


i insist and ll require from steam complete payback for that game as per videos that ll be attached soon … and dont cry after that it was mounted )

I’m with ya buddy. I’ve been telling people for years that the airdrop is just a trap to lure us into the contrails. And I’m sure that garry is putting flouride in the rain collectors too.

Chinesean guy - i remember ur face - u was mining crypto coin with me ))))))) dont actually remember which one - but i ll remember - you asked me to send optimal script for 7970 ) it was abt 1 year ago ))) funny

You’re the dumbest person I have ever seen on any forums in my lifetime, second I personally think you should be banned for pretending to be a soldier who serves their country, while its clear you have not passed any English class before and are well below the age of even being close to 18. 2nd there are no refunds for steam games if you have no problem with the game and if you have played for more than 5hrs.

getting warm ) but… where is GARRY ? or Chinesean guy means GARRY ?

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yes i remember this user on amsterdam 2 server - happyisland - he was runing and killimg everybody from 1 shot )

Chinesean guy?

You mean




You are full-on hallucinating, buddy.

Sending positive vibes ~

for telling truth ? same on my facebook ))) and many more places ) i just wanted ur attention on that problem ) why if i remember one player with aimbot - ban him ?!

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the only way to ban me ) to give me ur aimbot codes and ban me for using them - till it ll happen - u ll not be able to do that )

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in first day after wipe on london staging i heard around 30 c4 ) how can it be ?

Whatever the fuck you’re smoking i want some.

where is my msg abt recall of all costs used in this “game” ? again cheating ?

If you bought the game from Steam, you need to contact Steam for a refund. You didn’t buy the game from any store run by garry himself, so he can’t refund you.

Steam won’t refund you if you’ve played more than two hours btw. The game is also in Early Access and some technical difficulties and imbalances are to be expected. Technical difficulties you have attributed to wild conspiracies.