garry ban certain commands?

I noticed that no aimbots ever work anymore. Did garry ban the hook that they used or sumthin?

Are you sure weren’t on a server with an anticheat // with scriptenforcer?

I’ve given one server my anticheat, along with the community I’m part of (Though the script is not currently active)

I’ve banned people using aimbots recently, so I


doubt he has.

Well maybe their own but not public ones, I can’t execute it even on my own server. (no SE)

Anyways, why would you use an aimbot ?

because its fun to get 20 kills in a second in rp

maybe your bots are just crap and don’t work

i got my own one to work on some servers…

aimbot hooks don’t get banned. you do

Damn. I agree to this with the fullest extent. It also made me laugh a little bit.

No, its not.

yes it is I just did it with an aimbot and a p90. No admins on :X

your the reason we cant have nice things

To be honest. Yes I am.

garry plz ban its what all teh aimbot hackers use ITs Useless otehrwise Please Remove Thanks in advance

your kind isn’t welcome here or anywhere

don’t come to facepunch looking for help on things that will ruin the fun of everyone else. and if you find getting a bunch of kills without any skill involved entertaining, then I don’t know what to say, you must just be a little kid with no attention span

Well it has a point I was raiding a mob hideout dumbass, I don’t use it to rdm.