Garry can we please please have these in Rust..... ?

  1. Signs

I tried adding these on that site where we could make suggested items, that you put up a while ago. Not only do we need signposts with the new procedural maps but I also mean signs we can attach to our buildings with our own custom text that we can add in-game.

  1. Notes

A pen and paper would be very useful for all kinds of different games and activities we concoct on our new community servers. The idea of writing a custom text and leaving it somewhere to be found / discovered will appeal to a lot of players and server owners I’m sure.

There will of course be some dissent to these ideas because it’s a forum and we all have our own ways of enjoying Rust, but I can tell you that unlike me few people seem to really enjoy the PvE servers as much as the PvP ones. There are however a large number of those who do and are always looking at ways of taking the tools you give us and making our own servers unique with lots of ingenious places/games/activities/systems. I follow your devblogs every week and it is clear that you are already interested in more customisation in the game and what better and simple way of doing this than by adding in custom text.

In one of the recent concept art pieces on the blog there was a house with ‘Fuck Off’ written on it. So all I’m asking is you consider taking this a step further and allowing everyone to create custom signs for their houses, create signposts with custom text and create notes upon which we can add custom text.

Seriously, custom text is the easiest way to really kickstart customisation in the new Rust. :slight_smile:

This has been suggested many times before and there is concept art regarding signs to be found at the trello page.

Does that page auto-update cus I cant see it

Well its good to know I guess but I still hope the devs read this even if it just serves a reminder. Plus there’s three things here to consider - the notes, the house signs and the signposts

Anyways I hope you’re right, it’d be a huge shame to let this huge update pass by with any of these things left out

The ‘fuck off’ sign was fan art art, not concept art