Garry, can you make a file for me?

Basically, I need a text file on the web on your website somewhere, which is auto (or manually) updated with the latest Garry’s Mod version number. The reason I want this is so that I can make my server automatically update (in case I’m at school or something). Thanks.

P.S If you guys know of any other ways to get the version number then by all means tell me.

Run a steam updated on your server.

i doubt Garry will make that, or see this post :stuck_out_tongue: but… i know someone who did code an Auto-Updater; I just didnt get a copy otherwise i would give you one

You probably could make a script that checked the Steam news for a new “Garry’s Mod Update Released”, and updated the server a little while later.

Steam does it somehow…

I don’t see the problem of Garry doing it because it’s a simple text file.

He doesn’t have time to create simple text files.

Garry isn’t busy 100% of his day. Nobody is. He can spare 2 minutes.

If garry can do it by all means you can do it, especially if its a “simple text file”

I need a text file that updates automatically with the version number. Stay out of my thread if you can’t contribute.

Do you really think that Garry is going to let you have remote access to his website? no. It wouldnt be a txt file anyway, It would have to be a PHP script, that is the only way I can think of doing an auto updating file.

Besides, If he let you do that, He would get 100s of whiney little Kids asking him to do everything for them. Get a webserver and use steams online packages to parse updates to a MySQL database that gets read by a .PHP script. A simple if & Else statement should be enough. For your server you could use the same method but with lua.

You are dumb. I can read text file information using lua and / or whatever else other language I want to use. I don’t need any “access” to his server to get that kind of information. You could do an auto updating text file easily. Doesn’t need to be PHP. All you would need PHP for is to change the text file’s contents.

You would need remote access to his MySQL server, because that is the way updates are stored on his website, most likely.

Please explain to me why a 20 year old still goes to “school” please?

Why the fuck would he store a piece of information that would be less than 1 kb in a MySQL database.

You realize college is 8 years of school for me right?

And where the hell do you get that I’m 20 years old

You are painfully clueless.

Explain how this “txt” file works then please?

Hurr Durr

Contents: 1.X.X.XX

Read that in the program and do whatever you want with it.

So It hurt you? lots more people need to post then :razz:


I won’t comment on how useful this would be, I don’t run a gmod server myself.

As to how it could work? There’s various ways.

He can use a php script that fetches the version number from the database and prints it out. You don’t need database access to read what the script outputs.

He can manually upload the .txt file.

He can have a script upload the .txt file.

And a ridiculous amount of other ways.

Edit: Oh you’re just a troll, sorry about that.


You Just repeated what I posted? lol, that seriously fails.


nope, Not a troll, A server owner curious on how this would work for myself.