Garry City - We need Lua coders, mappers and modelers!

You guys were right. We failed hard.
We were no where ready and we didn’t use much more than a week to write some of those stupid plans we had down.
We didn’t know how we wanted the map to look like.

We might try again in half a year. When we have everything planned from top to toe.
At that time we might be able to explain ourself a little better, since we clearly didn’t had any experiences in Lua or Mapping really.

If a mod or an admin bumps over this thread. Please delete it.

Thanks for all the cheering comments tho.
Bye! :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on a game community instead. Going really well.


Oh well, I wish you good luck anyway.

Thank you. Yes, we expected alot of people saying no because of that.
But we have to pay for the server.
We expect to have a donation box, but it’s for the server fees and maybe upgrades of the server.


hi i gut nize ideaz and diz host servr i want custom darkrp and stuff on

Cool, so we do all the work and you get all the money?

Please stop trolling.

No. The money goes for the server. Not for me.
Eventually buy a vBulletin license.

We have a few team members. And we are paying over 200$ a month to keep it alive.

None of the money we get will be pocketed. The money will go back to the server, for upgrades, etc.

Sounds pretty similar to something. I just can’t quite place it.

Anywho, starting a gamemode is cool and all, but you should probably get some skills yourself before searching for developers. Even more so with an “idea” like this.

I would strongly suggest (from my personal experience) getting a small group of people together and brainstorming ideas instead of just laying them out from the beginning. Things change quite a bit during the course of development and often for the better.

I would be very interested in this idea if you were offering money. People can’t just do work for free, especially those that have jobs or full time education (I’m talking university).

I know what you mean. But we just don’t got the money.
We could say that people would get money.
But then we’ll have to buy no upgrades for the server.
Plus it’s hard to tell people that they will get XX$ every month, when it’s all donations.

We do have skills just not Lua, mapping or modeling.
Take for instance me.
I’m soon educated Web Developer - Means that the site will be homemade as soon as we got a team.
It also means that I’m great at photoshop. I’m also - Not awesome - But good to make textures.

Just because it reminds it doesn’t have to be the same.
That would be the same as telling Burger King to stop making hamburgers since Mac Donalds allready makes them.
Even tho it’s seems like the same - The taste aren’t the same.

GmodTower is somewhat like this, in the sense of having houses, connecting servers, money, etc, but you must look at this another way. We are simply re-creating things of everyday life, not of Gmod Tower.

Also, there are many rp gamemodes, but many are extremely different from eachother.

Brainstorming - We have done that. But we are afraid people will steal all of our ideas.
So a it’s in a forum that only developers can access.

Anyways, I hope there are no hard feelings Mac. We are not here to steal work.

A note for everyone:
We never stated that we have no skills. We are just looking to make our team bigger.

How much money would any developer want?

I do not like the idea of giving money, mainly because the people just want to get the job done with and take the money.

Eh, I was only making the connection because I saw a very similar setup (as you mentioned, connected servers, housing, stores, lobby in a sense) and the fact that your first gamemode was a PVP one.

Either way, I did not post to torment you about the differences/similarities of the ideas. An idea is an idea. I’m just a little tired of people doing the same thing (see RP). But hey, if you can do it better, congrats to you.

I was just concerned because I saw you had no mappers, which is a critical component to this gamemode it seems. You can easily say “tour through the waters of Garry City”, but to create it is something else. Requires a lot of well placed thought.

Don’t be afraid that someone will steal an idea. People steal ideas all the time. It’s not about the idea, it’s the execution. I would pour out all your ideas to broaden your development search. If you’ve got a truly inspiring idea, you’ll get inspired developers who want to help make that idea reality.

I seriously would suggest getting yourself knowledgeable in one of those aspects as soon as possible. Otherwise you’ll have a hard time finding the right developers because you have no prior experience yourself to base upon.

As someone that’s been through this process before (and still ongoing), be careful. You’ll get into this and you may find yourself either dealing with inexperienced developers or pulling all the work yourself. Work aside - even management of such a gamemode would require a lot of effort.

Reach for your goals, but remember your limits.

Sup, a mapper here. veteran, but there has been a time since i have mapped.

Add me on steam: Th3serpent
and we’ll talk

Gotta install my windows 7 first.

(i heave read the requirements)

May i ask, What are the things classified and needed as “Other Jobs”?

It could for instance be people who’s making music, sounds, etc.
We don’t know, that’s why we made it. Maybe someone had something they think is usefull for the server.


Both of us know Lua. We can read and edit, and we understand it.
But not to the point that we can create a gamemode ourself.
We are still new to it. I can for instance code C# and Stanlee C++.
But we are also still learning those languages.

Mapping and modeling - I tried to learn both with various guides such as NOEISIS.
Modeling was to much of a task for me. For every step I took I just got more confused.
Mapping went… Okay… But I didn’t really find it funny to map, I didn’t enjoy it.

Thanks for the advices.

So like Video Trailer maker and the minor jobs that might be minor, still stick the project into one?

Yes, those would be accepted jobs.

Okay applying now on your website, I have skill in trailer making

Lol, If this happens then you have really achieved something… Though I doubt most players would want to play a gamemode “recreating things from everyday life”. Like why play a game like that if thats what you do all the time anyways.