Garry/dev team

i know you wanted to create a place where freedom is the most important aspect of the game.

What you have created is chaos. I have never met such vile and unfriendly community during game play as i have here.

Was this your intent? Did you want to create a hellish mirror to the human soul?

Frankly i like the game. I like the Freedom. But hate what people decide to do with it.

I am the kind of guy who likes to get along to survive. only popping a cap in someone when its absolutely necessary.

Your game however shows the true nature of humanity. We may act civilized in the real world. But give them true freedom and they go back to being godless hoodlums with no instinct but to kill and take for their greed.

I ain’t no ~pseudo internet philosopher~, but it seems more like the more freedoms are limited, the more selfish things people will do. If people could insta spawn a bajillion chickens they wouldn’t have to go out and raid for food.

no one raids for food. food is the easiest thing to get in the game. spawns in chest. Boar are plentiful not to mention other animals.

What this community has yet to mature to, is the concept of Good Guys vs. Bad Guys.

You deal with a sadistic community, but instead of banding together with like minded people to protect yourselves and the way you want to play the game, you come to the forums to complain and then quit the game.

Player Killer vs. Anti-Player Killer

You WILL be forced to deal with dipshits, that’s life. Will you run away and tell everyone Rust is a shit game, or will you find some like minded folks and become a big enough deterrent that PK’ers won’t come fck with you all day?

i am not downing the game. i am not whining. i am telling you what its like. in a artistic way. At Least from my perspective.

Sorry ValorX, but I disagree with the maturing to Good vs Bad guys idea. It was an ok theme in ‘The Stand’ but I’m more of a ‘The Road’ minded person. I’m not necessarily going out to screw people over and take their stuff, but if it comes down to a guaranteed opportunity to get what I’m looking for but I have to fight some people over it, so be it. There are more shades of grey than this, and I think that this community will constantly flux in these shades of grey. When we mature, we’ll accept it and not be phased by it.

Lots of people just like doing stuff they never could or dare in real life. I’m sure there will be some balance eventually

i raid for food… 4k+ chicken between me n my bro. got chicken?

So, OP. What you’re saying is that you like your freedom, but other people like their freedom to the point where it infringes on your ability to enjoy your freedom. What you describe is precisely why we have the “Bill of Rights” and laws. Without them there is anarchy. Government imposes limits on your freedoms. If you wanted to play a game with a strong government that guarantees your freedoms, then you are in the wrong game (or at least the wrong server). I’ve even seen servers with a dedicated constabulary that will attempt to hunt down and punish raiders and looters. It might seem carebearish but wouldn’t people seek to establish some sort of authority in a situation like Rust? You should band together with like-minded players and put a stop to the lawlessness. Just remember, that you may find yourself being a little lawless when you see how simple it is to dominate poorly organized players.

The game is only about 10% complete according to recent posts by garry. Of course it’s not working properly yet. More clothing and customization options will be added, allowing you to better identify people at range instead of wondering if this naked man approaching your base is someone who was there a minute ago, it if he’s someone new, outside of nameplate range. Balance doesn’t really exist in the game as a concept yet, it’s more of a bullet point on the to-do list.

Be patient. Alpha is for actually building the core gameplay concepts, not refining an already-set-in-stone system.

And I don’t know what you want garry to do about human nature. Attempting to code a fence around it to protect players from the worst griefing/trolling behavior requires tons of artificial limitations and structures to enforce the desired behavior. It’s also exactly what the devs don’t want Rust to do.

Would be nice if there where a faction-system where you can choose at the begin if you want to be a good guy or a bad guy.

For now - everybody is a potential bad guy - better run or shoot.

i think your missing the point i was just trying to do something artistic. i am not whining or downing the game. just what i see from where i am at.

if it were perfect like many finished games i don’t think i would like it as much.

People are douchebags.

I agree the current chaotic state will make for a very unfriendly game that will be almost impossible for new players to get into. As it stands now without frequent wipes servers will become divided into sections dominated by player groups. If your in your in if your out well to bad I guess.

In the “olden days” we used to call them PKK (player killer killer)

Somebody has never played League of Legends.

or Dota

What I don’t get is lone wolf players, in these games it isn’t a great option.

Then play on a PVE or PVE/limited PVP rules server…or just rent a server and make up your own rules. Either way…problem solved. /thread

One thing is for sure, facepunch do not want to set a limit factor on the freedom players have at the moment. If there’s such limitation it will be in the private servers, but not the original ones (thinking out of hacking).

It was mentioned in a well known post:

So setting up a good vs bad or marking players that kill over those who protect will never be seen in rust at all unless a mod is created for this matter, which would be against the main idea of rust: players are your enemy and should always be fearful of them. That’s what the game is about, it has been mentioned the environment is not a real threat at the moment, the players are.

Now, op, I do agree that this brings some times the worse out of people, but this game is pretty much a “what would happen if…” Kind of game, like in the walking dead, some people protect, others kill either to survive or simply because they can.

Being fair or not, that’s out of discussion, as it is the scenery set up for us to play in. You know, some people may as well share your point of view and should try to team up to protect yourselves from “the killers”.

And about the league of legends community, agreed haha.

I was also angry when I got raided for the first time, but after dying 20 times you start to realize that this game is not about a friendly happily ever after village.

Sadistic? Probably yes, but I guess it’s better that some people kill in a game and not outside in the real world… As we have seen it happen multiple times.

It reminds me of a John Steinbeck novel. Good things happen and bad things happen, not in that order or in any order.

I think that part of why gaming communities have toxicity is because of a predominantly adolescent male player base, with too much time on their ass and an outlet with little or no repercussions for their actions.

Choose to ignore or engage, make the game what it needs to be for you. That is something Rust offers, for sure.