Garry does not negotiate with terrorists.

Terrorist have DDoS’d public servers and under FacePunch policy, there is no negotiating with terrorists. So RIP servers.

Are all servers down now?

I don’t care, they can ddos all day only kids cry when they can’t get to play the game.

Every second at least 1 bambi dies :frowning:

RIP Bambis
How sad :frowning:

Oh how original. You must be so proud at how buff you are over the internet and how you found a link that everyone ever has seen. You are so stronq saying you don’t care, when in all seriousness, wtf are you doing on the forums?

I’ve been on here since 2008 apparently you mingebag.

62 posts. Strong contributer /sarcasm

My posts got reset.

this is true, in 09 all previous posts and threads were wiped.


*on the rust sub-forums, not facepunch.

lol what do they want?

They may be kids who are angry that they got banned, or maybe they want rust keys.

Supposedly, the people who are doing the DDoS’ing are holding the servers “hostage” until the devs make a post or acknowledge what they are going to do about the hacking, which is extremely ironic IMO.

Yeah, they’re doing it to “gain the attention” of the developers to resolve the hacking situation, which I agree is getting way out of hand but this is a somewhat very bad way to go about it.

I’m actually all for it, not like we can really play the game anyway. If this is true, +1 for ddosers, since the community has already given the devs a chance with their voice. All the mods did in response were change someones thread title immaturely saying its not priority. I mean, shit. I don’t even have to explain that one.

I bought the game earlier today and haven’t been able to play yet.

Kinda not a good thing that the DDoS is happening.

Ahahaha you must be a total nerd dude why waste your energy getting that riled up over a post

Yes, but…
You (most likely) wouldn’t be playing it after getting fed up with the script kiddie non-sense going on.

I will admit, I’m at work this weekend so I can’t play, and my attitude would probably be different if i was at home trying to play. But still… I’d like to see something done before the game gets ruined with the hype expiring.

It’s not a game, but an experiment.