Garry Event? c:

Garry, can you make an event where you make a server, go on it, people join to get the achievement, kick them off one by one? c:
Would be good to get the achievement like the little achievement whore I am <3

~ Love Hatty

Then what would be special about the achievement?

What are the chances of getting into a server with Garry? lol

Not very likely (notice the 302 hours)

more likely than making a good workshop mod.

or just been an achievement longer

It’s called the gamemode coding contest most people just fill slots to ask retarded questions and get banned.

If you really want the achievement, you can always use this.

Just camp at garry’s profile and wait until he joins a server.

Or run the above with VAC on your server.

That could take forever and he probably spends most of his time playing Single player testing stuff.

VAC doesn’t effect it,

I used it the other year for that christmas coal stuff.

Give him 1000$

The achievement is only there so Garry can feel good about himself when he joins a server and it explodes with achievements.

He said I was hot too…

Back when shit ton of people in the Facepunch group chat, waiting for Valve to tell us the game was fixed.

TIL that you unlocked that achievement 1 day before I get 12 years.

Also, I just saw that Garry’s informations past from “I like everyone, don’t be scared of adding me!” or something, to “I hate everything and everyone, so don’t try to add me to your friends”.
Boy, that escalated quickly.

But I wish I had that achievement too.