Garry, fix the goddamn dupe workshop.

Seriously, I’m so fed up with this. The problem has existed for at least 3 years now, and yet nobody has ever done anything about it.
The only way to get that one random amazing dupe is to add some random dude to your friends list, download the dupe, dupe it, save it, remove that individual.
seriously, how hard can it be to add a “Subscribed dupes” or “Installed dupes” section?

about 78% of all content is unuseable and will never see the light of day again.

god dammit this is so annoying.

You can always spawn it in-game with the toolgun. The fact that it doesn’t work it from how the data is saved and copied, and probably will always be broken.

Yes, but only if you find it in the obnoxious menu filled with fnaf shit.
what I’m asking for is the simple ability to spawn subscribed dupes. nothing more, just that. there are too many on the workshop to even begin to sift through, considering it’s about 68000 dupes in there it would take hella time to find what you’re looking for.

Excuse me sir… Do you have a moment to talk about our group, the union of builders? We live in a land far away from Steam Workshop and duplicator and possess knowledge far beyond what filthy workshop peasants are able to understand.

In our world, we let our things emerge from nothing with the almighty Advanced Duplicator 2, a tool able to seemlessly spawn contraptions way more complex and advanced than anything you can find on the Steam Workshop and spawn with the old duplicator tool.

Let me invite you to this world:

PS: Yes I’m clean and sober.

Thank you for showing me to the light, away from the darkness. I’ve actually never seen that thread anywhere.

and I somehow doubt that last statement.