Garry For Dead G4D

Blahblahblah… What i cant heer u I erased tis phread cause all my frigging ideas are failures to the FP community.

And there would be no point for this.

Except for people not wanting to buy the game.


I reread this a few times hang on…


Hevy sandwish


Buy L4D or settle with ZS.

T_T I already play it. It gets boring with exploiting minges, and wallhacks.

NOBODY can play right. (no offense)

Once, I was playing with 32 people, and 12 were zombies. so I was in a SECURE failcade, (Ex. no headcrabs) and in the middle of the room. wave 2/6 then, A CHEM noclipped into our base, and EXPLODED. That was PURE hacks, because that MINGE wasn’t an admin. I checked.

Then why the hell do you want it?

And you think a gmod version would be any better?

This kind of posts Always Fail. You gotta start with a working gamemode THEN we can talk about help.

T_T Kay. Gonna piss with lua.

And then we realize the op fails.

I cast LOCK on this thread!