Garry gives a Moderator the thumbs up to ban a member.

Wouldn’t it be a thumbs down if you’re going for the Colosseum thing?

Original but boring.

I never thought of that.

I agree on that. I’m going to lay low for awhile, until I can get some more practice in.

I kinda like it…

Thumbs down to use blunt, and thumbs up and a quick slash across the air to represent a cut off of the head.

Looks to me like he’s giving a mess of blur with a grey cross.

I like the concept, but it’s poorly lit and the hammer model sucks.

I concur.

[editline]30th January 2011[/editline]

Was bored so i decided to do something new for a change, made an edit of this image. I’m not that great at editing and I couldn’t work with an original but I think it’s okay.

And I am not at any point saying my edit is better.


no one knows which thumb position is for what, they have never been able to pinpoint it, or find any record of it.

How come Kleiner and the Combine are blurred? Aren’t they supposed to be the main focus of the picture? I’d still blur the top of the hammer though, to give it a sense of rapid speed.