Garry, Helk and team, THANK YOU for fixing the sky

I know the sky update was just a graphical update on you guys end.

But for those of us that play(ed) with the launch option parameters, it fucked up the sky texture completely, making seeing things in the distance near impossible (players on a hill, air drops etc) but most importantly of all, I can see the sun and moon. I can finally tell what time of day it is sniff Thank you.

So when I logged into today after the patch to see this;

My jaw hit the floor. It works, finally it works. It looks beautiful by the way but it works.

THANK YOU. My 700+ hours in Rust is about to be doubled.

I think they did it also to increase performance, as the older sky actually reduced fps.

I went from 90fps to 140.

Yup yup yup. They also improved fps. With my shitty graphics card now it looks more beautiful and more enjoyable to play. Shenksh Garry <3

Sky was absolutely amazing after the patch today plus I got a 20 fps boost. Thanks garry and team :).


thx to facepunch for all dat hard work on patches and updates!