Garry, I love You.

You turned a fun little project in to one of the best games on the indie market, you keep making the menu sexier and sexier, you put in a new feature that allows us to reach content without even having to go to a website, you based a forum around the game, and now it’s one of the biggest forums I’ve seen, you have one of the best looking cups I’ve ever seen, and you have one hell of a PC.

From me, and all of the members of Facepunch, we love you.

So whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it. Because obviously, ur doin it rite. :buddy:

Except the slider tool.

Sweet Jesus fix it

This is really disturbing.

I find that right clicking solves most problems with the slider tool.


I kind of agree with you, OP. :3:

Me too. :3:

But the slider tool is still retarded at long ranges.

Somebody get a picture of Garry in here.

Garry’s mod made me get TF2, CS:S and DoD:S.

Then after that I got 38 other games via steam :buddy:

Garry you are awesome

Same here, but with less volume.

its not a friggin’ sniper, try using it correctly at short distance contraptions.

i also agree with op

I agree with the OP an all that.

I agree with first post!


He watches you post…

Love you too!



Finally, the person who made this thread has done it right! Heart for you.

Garry’s determined and nice. :v:

Garry I love you to for making this game, if I was a coder and I had the time then I would offer my services for free to help you out. Also if there was another to help you out then I would give as much as I can to you.

Thanks for making Gmod and thianks for allowing all these players to share and play in your creation.