Garry, I think your security done goofed.




Fuck Yes. Gbps has done it again. :smiley:

Silly me.

Seriously though, I didn’t mess with anything. Just changed some stuff that’s easy to change back.


He hacked into Garry’s Toybox account.

Lol let’s hope he fixes it before someone else figures out how to do it. :tinfoil:


How nice of him, atleast nothing hapened, and he can try fix it now.

Thanks for alerting me about this and not being an ass and destroying stuff with it- really appreciate it! I sent you a PM.

I wish GBPs was my husband.

I’m getting a sex change.

Tone of voice is the biggest thing missing from the internet today.


You want to have sex with him cause he spotted a authorizing bug?

inb4 gbps gets ban… ana.

(User was banned for this post ("Predicting banana" - garry))

This is why Gbps Is awesome. :V Now Give him MONEY!

Can people stop predicting Bananas!?
I prefer apples.

Bitches, Please.

For half a moment I thought that ban was real because of the great big BAN Avatar

It came to me, everyone with BAN avatar has red text, why?