Garry i want a refund

Everytime i join a server 2mins in game and my game freezes and crashes. I’ve posted 2 threads about this and seems like no one gives a shit, i have been up to date with all the updates and i have only seen 2 updates where you talk about this saying its not going to get fixed that easy and im fucking tired i want my money back if im not going to be able to play this game.

Garry its been like 10wipes already since this shit been happening fix it or give me my money back.

because the people managing refunds are going to check a forum that’s already filled with people making demands backed by anger, as if it drives their point further

did it not occur to you to check steam’s refund system

Steam refund was your only chance at a refund, and since you’ve had the game for so long thats not going to happen.

Do you happen to be using a laptop? If so I think I know exactly what you’re problem is, and it’s an easy fix.

What are your specs?

its not Rust that is for sure.

im not talking about refund all i care is play again but if im not going to be able to play for this i might aswell ask for my money back, the threads i posted was’nt about the refunds it was about why is it happening and help me fix it and then i saw the blog saying that shit

asking for your money back is known as a refund

if you are truly that pissed off that they haven’t nailed down a bug yet, in a game you knew was in early experimental development before purchasing, your only real option is to try the steam refund process

however, you do not deserve a refund because:

you knew the game was in experimental development (“early access”) before buying it: this means that you’ve signed up to help fund the game’s development in full knowledge that it may be an unstable experience at times; refunding players every time something goes wrong would be against the very idea of early access development

you would only deserve a refund if the Facepunch team expressed a desire to never try fixing the crash you’re suffering from, but that is not the case, and it will be fixed

obviously I can’t speak for Garry, but I do not expect you are going to get a refund

I’ll offer to help once again. What specs do you have?

I absolutely hate being the one to say this … but … there’s 1000s and 1000s of players playing this game successfully. More likely 10s of 1000s of players. Soooo, where do you suspect the problem is?

I have been there. That is why I hate saying it. I waited two years for Star Wars Online to come out, bought it the day pre-orders opened. I never could get that damned game to work right. It totally demoralized me. But there were millions of players not having a single problem. It was me. It wasn’t BioWare’s fault, or problem.

I usually find that if my game will not work and others dont find a problem it is usually something wrong with my windows or programs conflicting or such (but not always )

after problems in the past I have formatted my pc and the game worked with no issues

i had a potato computer too. U need to collect money and buy a new one. i had about 12 fps on minimum settings sitting in base. if i run out it was sometimes 2, 1. now i have 70 on best settings.

You posted one thread that nobody answered, you bumped four other threads with “me too” complaining, and then you disappeared for a month, and you’re surprised your issue hasn’t been fixed yet? lmao

Have you done your Windows Updates?
Have you updated your graphics and sound drivers to their latest versions?
Have you made sure your discrete video card is the default card?

(also read

yes i have a laptop
my specs:
processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4720HQ CPU @ D.60GHz 2.59
Installed memory (RAM) 16.0GB (15.9 USABLE)
system type: 64-bit operating system, x64- based processor

Does your laptop have any sort of dedicated graphics card? If it doesn’t (you didn’t list one there) I don’t know why Rust ever functioned on it at all.

Or any modern game. Seriously. He tries to run the game on a waffle iron and he’s surprised shit doesn’t work.

Do you have a dedicated graphics card? If all you have is the Intel hd integrated graphics, then that is your problem. Rust is a very graphics intensive unoptimised game, to play on high settings, you need a 700 series nvidia gpu at the very least right now.