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Garry Newman ‏@garrynewman
We had a sick Rust idea a while back. Should you be able to harvest other people’s corpses for meat, skin and chicken meat?

I don’t want that, cannibalism in Rust is not good idea.

This would be cool

Survival of the fittest, don’t see why not. But I think if they do implement it, it should come with a draw back of sorts, maybe some sort of psychological effect after harvesting someone or eating them.

Can we have a nice Chianti to go with that? :wink:

Or maybe corps gets radioactive stuff, and becomes mob?

No thanks. If you need a game to be sick and twisted for you, i.e. if you think that idea would be really cool, you need help. It adds nothing to gameplay, and is just sick for sick’s sake.
“OMG they should add that you can capture people in Rust and torture them!” “Wow dude what the hell is wrong with you?”

Yeah I can’t get on board with this. No need for an extra food source. And real people get sick when they are cannibals.

It’s a game about survival, if you’re about to die from hunger in real life, and a dead human was your only option, I’d totally eat that motherfucker.

Disturbing idea, but I’d like too see that, I want to make a mask made of human skin and stalk people.

Yes gimme

I mean how many survival games are out there where you can eat other players? Lol

Dude, nothing personal, but you need help.


I agree, but that’s not the situation were in in the game. Food in plentiful and the only danger to survival is other players. So the only point of adding this would be to excite mentally unbalanced 15 year olds.

Who disagreed. Do you really want to eat each other?

I’d like to have this, its a nice realistic and harmless addition

Players already KOS for no good reason. And with this, it will be a fucking disaster, while everyone ( fresh spawns) rather kill each other for food than asking for help( team up)
IMHO this idea is bullshit!

Hell no…

fuk ya…mmmmm people…

I think if possible bandits could do that, and that they get skills like bloodlust where they can see other people at slightly longer distances etc… since they pretty much just go around shooting people anyway… and that people who kill bandits are rewarded with extra survival skills like crafting weapons faster and gain extra loot etc… just a quick idea

I completely agree and think that if it were put in, it needs some pretty negative side effects. Like giving a character the shakes or something that makes it stand out when someone’s done it. With plenty to food in the game the decision to kill and eat another human is a choice made by (as Kneon put it) “mentally unbalanced 15 year olds”. Anyone in my group who did it would be shot.