Garry - Lag Issue Trigger


In monitoring the lag issue tonight, it is being activated when the tree sound stops in the evening after sunset and in the morning before sunrise. Switching server to all day or all night gets rid of lag.


Way to sleuth. Good work.

Thanks, will look into this. Couldn’t get it to re-create in editor.

Join any unmodded server, it happens every 20 mins or so

I believe that it happens, but I want it to happen in the editor so I can see what’s causing it.

I put a patch out about half an hour ago. Does it still happen in that?

Is there any chance you could put up a quick fix or file validation on server connect for people changing “wood wall” to “wood wal1” in their texture config files being able to place sleeping bags and shoot through wood walls on legacy?

With the encumbrance element already in the new gui (although not functional yet) I’m guessing legacy will be the last ever build where you can raid someones house and run out with enough materials to build another house. I’m not saying this will be a greatly missed essential feature or anything, but its certainly something which will set it apart from future builds. Just by fixing this one exploit, which anybody can do, legacy will be much more viable for long term play. Also a fix on people putting barricades on top of pillars would be wonderful as a balance mechanic well, but it might be more effort then its worth since you are busy with the new build.

yup still happens

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Also HOLO Sights do not have the red sight in them anymore.

Supply works now. Ty Garry.

Yes the lag at night still happens and I can confirm that the F1 Grenade and Supply Signal are now working.

Some added info if it helps any. No more red error messages, for my server that I was able to repeatedly change the time during lag it seems to start at around 1950 and ends at 2100 and the second one starts at 430 and ends around 450. The second lag is much short it seems. Hope that helps you narrow down the culprit.


I installed update and went in to the game, I was able to let off 5 supply signals then the issue occured again where it wouldn’t let you throw them, the game didn’t jam though like it did before.

Massive lag spike at morning and night still occurring.

Can confirm after throwing 5 signals it stops working again. Before the patch people are saying it also affected the F1 grenades… F1’s worked but Supply drops didn’t in our server.

Mp5 aim goes wrong and sometimes creates texture streaks where the back sights were.
Holo sight is still bugged
Lag still occurs at dusk and dawn

Also havent been able to recreate this and havent heard anyone suffering this issue… My weapon vanished from my FP camera view and vanished from my belt… yet i was still able to shoot and it never ran out of ammo! This happened when I sprint jumped onto a sulfur ore rock with my M4 in belt slot 1.

Not sure where the issue lies concerning the Supply Signals. I threw 7 signals, multiple times with no problems and never had a problem with F1 Grenades.

We had a test today, threw 20 signals and they worked. Not sure why it stopped after 5 for you.
Dusk/Dawn lags are still an issue.

will go throw 20 and see what happens…

dusk/dawn is such a pain in the ass. Worst part is that some people do not get this lag and “abuse it”. Already got killed like 5 times by someone else, during the lag spike, becaue I’m frozen and they are not.

Goto a server that locks time of day for now, or just make sure you’re in your house since you know when the lag will hit :slight_smile:

Lag has been fixed.


To all devs: Please leave legacy as it is. Some bugs, full of hackers, some weird stuff and what not. Better than a broken game. Good luck with the experimental.