Garry - Lag Spikes After Update - Reasoning

Garry. The lag spikes occur when the moon begins to come up, and then when the sun begins to come up. Likely something with the lighting or whatnot, however that’s the trigger. 0 FPS for 20-30 seconds each time.

Yep, I changed the settings on my server to lock for daytime. No lag for us and it’s working just fine as a work around. It’s pretty simple and should tie people over for the time being.

Please explain the steps to lock daytime with out it interfering with the rate airdrops drop.

Set it to long days and drop them manually…welcome to being an admin on an alpha :slight_smile:

I believe this to be wrong. It happens in intervals:

and so on. We’ve timed 30-40 of them today. It also happens more or less the same time on every server, regards if its night or day. It also happens most of the times when you log on a server. Im guessing its facepunch, or another anti-cheat check that causes it. Would make sense, checks you when you log on, and then in intervals.

Sometimes it doesnt effect everyone, and it NEVER effects people whos not updated yet.

Heres some of the spikes we’ve recorded (on a 15min night 45min day server):

11:26 AM
11:32 AM
12:07 PM
12:14 PM
12:49 PM
12:56 PM


Sorry but not wrong at all, I disabled time change on my server and there have been zero lag spikes since.