Garry - Long term, what's the vision for Rust?

Like the title says, long-term, what is the vision for Rust? It may seem like a dumb question, but as I participate in discussions about Rust (mechanics, suggestions, etc.), it becomes clear that players have many different ideas about what Rust is supposed to be. So Garry (et al.), what is YOUR vision of what Rust is to eventually become? Because there’s a loud segment of the playerbase that feels Rust is intended to simply be a raid-simulator, where the entire point is to defend your base and raid other bases. Other players, of course, have different notions of what Rust should be.

And please don’t cop out by saying that “each player can make it what they want it to be” because that’s simply not reality. The various visions are not all compatible visions that can be realized simultaneously by each individual player. As it is right now, the raid meta is dominating this game and the direction it’s headed to the detriment of all other metas. So is that what Rust is meant to be? A raid-simulator?

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Garry’s Blofg: The Story of Rust

That thing’s more than two years old. I’d like to see where Garry’s thoughts stand now. Because despite hitting CTRL+F and not finding a single reference to “raid” in that blog, Rust has indisputably become raid-centric, and most of the development plans are related to raiding as well.

If that’s now the direction of Rust (a raid-simulator), that’s cool. I spent $20 on this game and I’ve absolutely had more than $20 worth of fun. So even if I never played Rust again for another minute, I’ve definitely gotten my moneys worth.

The main reason I want to know what the direction is of Rust is because it helps to shape the conversation. Right now it’s difficult to make suggestions, because the “raid” conversation dominates everything. “Hi guys, I have suggestion X.” “No way! X will make raiding harder. Rust is all about raiding.”

Personally, I think there should be much more to Rust than raiding. I always saw raiding as *part *of Rust, not the entire point of it. I think some thoughts from Garry are needed here to help shape the conversations and add clarity.

But if it’s to be all about raiding, that’s cool. I’ll adjust my perspective and participate in discussions accordingly. That was just never my understanding of what Rust was all about. I always just saw it as an aspect of Rust; but at some point this notion developed that Rust is all about raiding and the entire point of Rust is to raid or be raided, and all suggestions and ideas must cater to that dynamic.

Why don’t you head over to and ask him

100% agree with this post.

I also am part of the community group that cares far much more about designing interesting, aesthetic or smart buildings than potentially ruining the day of other players just for the sake of childish fun “Yay I boomed everything \o/”. I usually only raid people who expressly challenge raiders or people who are so “rich” they won’t care anyways… But I enjoy far more the plain “survival/build your own lair” part.

Still, as you said, I already had much fun for my bucks, so, hey, if Rust goes too much towards raid-centric, so be it. I’ll be sad, very sad because I really love it.
But it’s a game, just a (immersive, time-consuming and real-life disconnecting because of sheer fun ^^) game so I’ll politely say goodbye and turn towards something else if it comes to that. :slight_smile: