Garry Match

Weapon Models and Sounds

Latest Version Here

Beta Server IP: Down - BETA SERVER (Tests etc)

You need the Content pack in order to play this gamemode.
Name may change to: Garry Warfare




(Server provider AND BetaTester)


(Awesome MW2 Models and Anims)


(Awesome MW2 Models and Anims)
dizla (Server provider)
Yeah, Double name, so you can remember it very well :smiley:

Please, REMEMBER that the server has always the most updated version.

Such a lame name yet original… Garry Match is not a simple DMing gamemode since there are too many gamemodes like that. This is something more detailed with many little but awesome things.
The HUD is MW2 style but not completly.
I’d lie saying I made this all by myself so scroll down for Credits.
This was going to be “Modern Warfare 2 Gamemode” but the name was too lame so I decided to change it to Garry Match even if it was too late, I already made all the weapons and hexed a lot of models. Well, hexing is easy so I just changed some weapon’s models and properties to make Garry Match as it is now.
The game goes on by rounds, each player has 5 lives, when you lose all your lives, you become a spectator, and when everyone dies, the game restarts.
Spectators are not the usual flying men and shit like that, in this gamemode, spectators are players just like the alive ones, but they can’t kill, perform a fake death or pickup guns. It is a really funny way to see the players fighting because you won’t get bored even if you die. I had a lot of comments from my Beta Testers saying it is an awesome idea so I’m not only saying what I think of it.
Misc info:
This gamemode uses:[ul]
[li]TeamFortress 2
[/li][li]Counter-Strike: Source
yet, you don’t require them to play this but just to enjoy it fully.

Coming Soon:
[li]Death Match mode;
[/li][li]Vote system.
ChangeLog: – In order of time, from the newest to the oldest.

-Space for some GMatch updates-
[ADD][Drawn Effect!](
[BETA]New Combine HUD - Fixed
[FIX]Kick has more range
[ADD]New weapon: Knife
[FIX]Kick has more range
[ADD]Tag System: Choose your tag via F1
[ADD]Food system: One random food each kill streak
[ADD]Dark Edges / Black Border - SERVER ONLY
[FIX]HP Regen (you will gain 1 HP each second untill you get your MAXHP back)
[ADD]Stealth System
[ADD]Spawn with your last lives
[ADD]["Personalize your character!" menu](
[ADD]Spawn with your last weapons
[FIX]Armor System (Upgrades via level)
[ADD]New style Kill Streaks message
[ADD]Players randomly talk
[ADD]Under water damage
[ADD]**Physical Bullets FTW!**
[REMOVE]You've got 2/40 probabilities to fall down when you press shift
[REMOVE]Ragged on no-stamina

-Changing to Garry Match-
[ADD]Fast Kick
[ADD]Critical Hit
[li]Health Regen (1-2-3)
[/li][li]Stamina (1-2)
[ADD]Awesome Rebel Handed hexed models
[ADD]Double Jump
[ADD]Cool messages
[ADD]Kick knocks players out (C to wake up)
[FIX]Weapons properties
[FIX]Fake Death system
[FIX]Rounds system (no more double kill and other problems)
[FIX]Lives system (10 lives not bugged)
[FIX]Land Mines
[FIX]Stamina System (No more jumping/nostamina shit)
[FIX]Radar displaying enemies too
[REMOVE]Fast Knife

-- Changing idea a bit --
[ADD]Fake Death system
[ADD]Team Colored players

-Modern Warfare 2 Gamemode-
[ADD]Realistic Fall Damage
[ADD]Drop to pickup weapons
[ADD]Fast knife
[ADD]Fast Grenade
[ADD]Fast Smoke Grenade
[ADD]Awesome weapons
[ADD]Hexed awesome models
[ADD]Q Fast Switch
[ADD]Infinite level up system
[ADD]Saving level and experience
[ADD]Weapons Menu (F1)
[ADD]Grenade Launcher Attachment
[ADD]Death Sounds
[ADD]Awesome Stamina System
[ADD]Kill Streaks (Not the MW2 ones)
[ADD]Awesome HUD
[ADD]Awesome blood screen
[ADD]Dynamic Visual Effects



Old status video

Current status

Thanks acrobot for this one

Older but not so old images:
Older images:


[li]Fake death hasn’t got friendly fire protection(bug?);
[/li][li]Any other bugs?


Thanks: – All these people agreed so I’m not stealing anything.
Worshipper for the weapon’s base (Modified)
DS3 for his RagMod script (Modified)
AwatemonoSan for his fast melee ‘n’ fast grenade script (Modified)

SMOD Team for an awesome leg model
FPS Banana for a huge library of models.

Special Thanks:
(—>>PrO<<—)۞LoUnDeNs! (BetaTester)
TwilightZero (BetaTester)
–ScalyFishMan-- (BetaTester)
Icekirby (BetaTester)
Yuyuimg (BetaTester)
xenuka (BetaTester)
Korvain (BetaTester)
ΞÅỢĐ| Nastykill (BetaTester)
]|ONLY³|[™ »๖ۣۜTïmΣ2Ð (BetaTester)
uk_Randomer (BetaTester)
Acrobot^My birthday :slight_smile: (BetaTester)
«¦HG¦» ƒish§tick |M| (Some HUD Images)

Black List(why not?):
All those players who joined and said “errors sfjapsdf this GamEzSMoD sux
NoobPwnerPro1337 has left the game (disconnected by user)

I am a Beta Tester and Let me tell you, this mod is amazing. The full scale release is going to be great. I can say this is honestly the best mod, mode, and/or rp I have ever played on Garry’s Mod and it’s only the beta. I can’t wait for the release. Believe me it’s well worth the wait for this one.

You shouldn’t quote the entire first post, and you might want to make your praise sound less sock-puppet-ish.

As for the gamemode, the only innovation I am seeing is that spectators physically run around the battlefield. Other than that it, what really separates it from all the other unoriginal stuff that you so proudly rail against?

Edit: Well okay, I confess I’ve never actually seen a mod that lets you kill yourself by leaping into a wall.

This is a great mod -.- and what is “sock-puppet-ish”?

I don’t think you can see many deathmatching gamemodes with lives, fake death, weapons on level etc.

Well… that’s another side of the gamemode :v:

I´m actually waiting for comment that leaping into a wall doesn´t let you die.

Post a video where you´re leaping against headfirst against a wall up to 10x times and i´ll believe it :v:

This is a very nice gamemode and i would love something like this in gmod. If you want you can use any of my weapons, and edit the models/base but please credit me for any programming that you use from me, other wise i did not make the models so credit the people whi did, but they dont have rebel hand models sorry.

Also, is this free-for-all or are there teams?
If you want to have custom player models, there is a guy that takes requests but i dont remember who he was.

This mod looks Great !! i cant wait for public use . Can you pm me for information on packs etc when server goes… up.

This gamemode is the most awesome i have yet tried. Great fun.

LOL! One of the most annoying issue a developer can have. xD

Nice for a DM gamemode. Seems to be a good progress.

I’m trying to add some working mines and flash grenades though if anyone can help me making them it would be pretty cool. I’m also trying to add a “skills” system but I need a key to use, -E, Q, F1-2-3-4 and C- are used… I’m not going to add skills like “OMG MOAR DMG”; skills will just change your status, for example:
Health Regen 2 (Heals you 5 hp each 2 seconds)
Health Regen 3 (heals you 2 hp each 1 second)

You can easily hex the model file and change the hands directory.

This is a Team Based deathmatch, I decided to use normal hl2 files/models because they aren’t as huge as custom CSS Skins. The old pack was 280MB with the same amount of files without the world models while the one with the current models weights only 180MB (57 zipped).

I don’t think you’ll ever see a server of mine up… I don’t have the money and time to charge my card, I can’t even play Xbox Live these days.

As I said I can’t but if someone else is interested at buying a server with this gamemode it would be awesome.

This looks great, Its really amazing, and I like the mw2 like hud. And all of those noobs who join and say “ThE$Z ErRozE I L>EaVi!N” Can go die in a fire.

You should have the AC-130 like your MW2 gamemode. I was looking forwards to that.


Anyone with the name “NoobPwnerPro1337” should be banned immediately.

For all those who were waiting for the server, it is up now. Just download the content and put it in addons so it will take one second to join the server!

wonderful, also i will try and figure out how to hex models because i generally used models that were pre-made or never used

I will make a movie showcasing your server and the gamemode

Oh snap I’m gonna be on youtube! D:
That video didn’t turn out very well meh.

got the video up, check it out.

Im downloading and gonna join, go wolfo!

Yay, added logo.

Shall I upload the beta?

Too late :v: click the image to download the beta!

this is awsome, ive tried this.