Garry Mod 14 Speculations

Here we will gather the latest information known about Gmod 14.0 predictions.

Status: Currently Resarching

i think that there will still be sexposes

It will have sex with your mother and give you that baby brother you’ve always wanted!

DarkRP will be default gamemode as Sandbox gets deprecated.

it will be after gmod 13

There will be a physics gun.

please no

I converted the Garry’s Mod folder into a .png, converted that into base64, and flipped it backwards.

Verdict: I have to reinstall Garry’s Mod again oh man

There will be more Workshop dupes that contain obscure content. The few dupes that contain vanilla content will have a million props haphazardly constrained together for the purpose of crashing servers and causing as much lag as possible.

It’s going to have sink pictures instead of prop icons.

Those kind of sink pictures.

The game will have an age limit of 15

So that means you wont be able to play right?

Your a pathetic human being.
All you do is comment useless shit on every thread somebody makes,


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(Joke, I’m 18+)

in your eyes, a shitposter on a forum is a “pathetic human being”?


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he made a joke in a thread nobody takes seriously there are way worse posts in here yet you call that guy a “pathetic human being” because he made a post you didn’t like haha wow

I agree the thread isn’t serious. However:

Is a bit out of the boundaries of being funny. It’s pretty much a lame 10 year old comeback verse, that has been repeated over and over on Facepunch. We are getting bored of people without the ability of coming up with someone original. Was pretty much just an extra scroll.

Default map will be rp_flatgrass_v14


[del]At least he doesn’t make 20 help threads a day about the most basic shit.[/del]

Boy was I an edgy teenager back in the day