Garry Mod Blushell puzzle gamemode

Hello guys
Recently I installed GMod back again on my computer, wanted to play some puzzle gamemode, but unfortunately, I found 0 servers with that gamemode.
I would like to start my own puzzle gamemode, but the problem is I cannot download Blushell puzzle gamemode anywhere?
If somebody has full gamemode from Blushell and would like to send me an email to start a server with puzzle gamemode, I would be very thankful!
My email is: or add me on steam: kurwa112


The gamemode was always private, and I believe the servers went down.

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You could always PM this guy about it:

Puzzles is owned by BluShell. BluShell recently shut down and we’re looking to giving away all our gamemodes to a better owner, preferably an already established community.

I sent you private message, have you seen it?

I’d be interesting in some of these, if only for education purposes.