Garry Mod Not Responding

O hai guiz

So I haven’t played GMod for like, months, I just finished downloading it, and it ‘launches’, displays the background with the Loading… text in the bottom right corner, and doesn’t do anything else. Looking at task manager says it’s not responding. :smith:

Q6600 @ 2.4ghz, 4gb DDR2-800 RAM, 8800GT, 1.5TB HDD space. I’ve verified the GCF, defragged it using the Steam tool twice, and deleted the GMod folder so it had to rebuild it from the GCF once.


try to rename ClientRegistry.blob to ClientRegistry2.blob , it may fix it if it is a steam problem.

Didn’t work, still same problems as before.

try installing uninstalling steam, installing video drivers and installing it again.