Garry Newman: "Just had a breakthrough with the @playrust ddos bug :)"

There is hope, people!

EDIT: Also,

Looks like someone’s getting caught.

ye, but lagg starts again… Right at the moment we talk… :frowning: sigh

Does the patch that was released tonight fix this ?

Here is to hoping I can play tomorrow morning without trouble after work!

…Your name reminds me of work…

I work for Xerox as a Customer Service Rep for Verizon Wireless.

This is awesome news! big thanks to Garry and the team.

still cant connect ? updated everything

breakthrough doesn’t mean a fix. Just means they are making progress.

just restarted the server (10 min ago) and all was working fine… till 5 min ago… lagg is back:)

I’ve just updated my server and it hasn’t fixed it - but given Garry’s status was 30 minutes ago, I have no doubt they are rushing to release the fix for what they’ve just discovered tonight.

Garry and the team have my up most respect for working this hard for us over the Christmas and New Year period. While most of us have two weeks off from work over this period, they’ve been working hard for us and for that I thank them.

sorry dont be mad. I thought if you said breakthrough they fixed it!

Not mad at all. Just trying to be informative and help out. I wouldn’t want you to be upset thinking it was fixed over a silly miswording.

It will be fixed in time. This is good news :3. At least its not like DayZ where hackers completely ruined the game and a lot of people didn’t touch it until the stand alone came out.