Garry Newman *Rust Developer* Refuses to Acknowledge ongoing [BUGS/Computer crashing issues]

Garry Newman Rust Developer Refuses to Acknowledge ongoing [BUGS/Computer crashing issues]
(I’ve asked via twitter, FacepunchStudios,Steam, Reddit, etc.)

Garry Newmam refuses to acknoweledge this issue, and here is the proof!


837+hours in Rust Experimental and have never had this issue! (internet-and-windows-stop-working-properly-after-closing-rust/Freezes PC Upon Entering Game-Forced Hard Reset) I was just curious when this *Game/Computer crashing bug for Rust Experimental is being looked into. This only happened after latest patch and BTW here are some of the links to just some of those experiencing this problem!

Oh and of my 106 games which includes latest AAA Titles, none of them have this issue and if you still don’t understand how bad this is…I’ll paint a picture for ya: Batman Arkham Knight which was yanked off the shelves DOES NOT CAUSE THIS ISSUE (internet-and-windows-stop-working-properly-after-closing-rust/Freezes PC Upon Entering Game-Forced Hard Reset)

PC PARTS:[New PC] Driver (353.49) AMD FX-8350 (stock) Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 (Motherboard)(BIOS-2301) Corsair 750W (Power Supply) H80i Corsair Water cooler EVGA GTX-970 SC (GPU)(STOCK) Window 7 Home Premium 64Bit (6.1,build 7601) 18MB-Corsair RAM (1600)

thats early access for you

calm down dude, you’re acting as if someone has just punched you’re mum in the face! it’s annoying yes, but it’s not the end of the world. the issue has been widely reported (myself included) so i’m sure it’ll get fixed sooner or later. If you’re that upset/worried about your PC, just cool off rust for a bit and come back when the fix rolls out

Snarky tweets get snarky replies, who knew?

Being a “news reporter” doesn’t make this post any more interesting BTW.
I’m pretty sure they aren’t ignoring this issue but it may take a while for them to figure it out especially as it seems to only happen for a few people around the forums.

Also, why did you post this in the Dev Branch topic here, unless this is happening on the Dev branch, it doesn’t belong there. And if it is, Then it shouldn’t be here because its a Dev Branch issue lol. Only post in the location corresponding to where/why this issue is happening.

Works fine for me

“it crashes when i open it”
Amazing bug reporting. You should be a game tester.

You’re typing like this is some world changing issue, or some nutty conspiracy. I didn’t know you played Rust, Alex Jones.

Looks like a processor related issue:

Always the possibility that it is a Unity problem.

I feel his pain.

Well , personally for me, game crashes are one thing but when it locks up my machine and it wont even shut down properly that is a huge issue. Rust is the only game that does this. My friend has never had an issue with this. No other games have an issue even remotely like this. Hope they get this fixed, but for now its gonna just sit in my library. I also am running a rust test server so that makes it even worse that I cannot enjoy that.

I noticed you are on the development-debug branch, does this happen on the regular development branch?

It happens on every branch.

I am assuming you already verified local files and reinstalled.

When I get home tonight I’ll try and see if I can reproduce it.

Of course.

I hope for your sake you can’t reproduce it…

I’ll make a back-up :wink:

It’s Unity’s fault not Garry’s fault, engine got a fucked patch. That’s it.

Comparing COMPLETED AAA titles to an early access alpha. I think you need to adjust your expectations somewhat.

That said, there are some serious issues in Rust that I wish were being taken care of. Luckily, I’m able to play, even though my gaming experience suffers because of some of these issue.

how to fix:

I’ve got the same issue as well and I have not found a fix, best bet is to just lay off Rust for a while till they release a patch that fixes the issue.