Garry please add admin lightning bolt

I would love to see admins be able to type the kill command for a player and a lightning bolt shoots from sky to kill that player, what better why to take out hackers or people tearing up chat with racist crap, just bolt their ass as their friends watch in terror, please!!!

One could probably make a mod to set them on fire…

That certainly would be cool. Have them just spontaneously combust into flames or something terrifying. Although problematic players are probably better off banned instead of just toyed with. If they start raging it’ll only cause more drama.

You could couple this effect to the admin kick command: admin kicks a player and a lightning bolt destroys the body!

Destroying the body on ban or kick. That’s an interesting idea. Would certainly help keep things cleaned up.

BZZZZ lightning bolt, player catches fire, 5 seconds later he’s kicked/banned and his body is replaced with a 21 grams charcoal bag that falls on the ground where he stood.

I dig that.

theres a guy named JAKU whos admin on “hardcore: death matters” He has been playing about and I think he might have something close to that suggested. unfortunately hes working with the assets that are already there, so its actually a pillar of fire that drops from the sky on the player

That sounds awesome.

By the Power of Thor, YES! assign that ability to the Hammer!

Despite the humor that some faced the thread I take it as good implementation.

It would bee something between kick and ban. Because the player could lose his gear in the process.

The fact is that there are certain actions that a kick wouldn’t solve and a ban would be “too much” before the eyes of the other players. Therefore a “KILL” command (with or without lightning) could prove to be an effective measure.