Garry please delete server commands for admins like give

I think everyone of you knows that server admins are abusing the server commands.

Just an example a naked admin with like 20 c4 named taresh who cheated 3 airplanes in a row(on Eu-Central), tried to get into a metalbase.And killed one of my friends with Console!

It is kinda ridicolous to advertise rust servers with a sentence like this “With rCon you can give items (to you/other players/all players), enable god-mode, teleport to players and much more.” I mean are you f****** serious.

the advantages of admins

thank to teddysmith

I hope someone or maybe everyone who is not cheating agree me.

Because there are never any reasons server owners would have to need to teleport to players or give them an item.

Join a different server. The 819 server for example has admins that don’t do things like this. Find a good one and let the cheaters play alone…

Join a different server or an official rust server. Yes they use these commands but what can you expect, they are paying for the server.

Stop bitching and don’t play on non-Official servers.

Problem solved.

You guys kidding right? or just because the fact that is partnered with facepunch and they were the first server hosters at all.

Just in case you didn’t read it was on EU- CENTRAL on of the first servers.

What I’m about to post will cause extreme unrest among admins and their buddies, but it needs to be posted, everybody has the right to know about the CLEAR ADVANTAGES that admins posses and can use whenever they see fit.

If using God Mode or spawning any item for you and your clan seems like the right thing to do, you might as well consider yourself a cheater and a plague to the game.

Ok guys, you know the drill… Play on official servers, not rented!

I can’t emphasize more on the need of 2 separate server tabs/lists

-Official servers;

-Private servers, player rented;

If your typical /god and /giveall stays in after alpha it will be nasty.

Just in case someone tries to report your post

Contact Helk or Garry about the issue regarding the server. Don’t make a thread bitching about core commands the backend of the game needs.

If you don’t like the admins on the server join a difrent one with better admins

Are you going to argue that every single game since quake 1 should do this too? since, y’know, that kind of functionality has been present since way back then

Admin taresch cant kill people via console. Nor it is possible for him to spawn Items into his inventory.

You don’t know how annoying it could be when a admin teleports to you place some c4 at your new crafted Metalbase and destroy it.Its even less worse then WarZ aka ISS.

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He just admitted that he was cheating!

Those C4’s were handmade/crafted. I cannt see any commands executed in logfile.

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We need a prove of him that he admitted his cheating. Logfiles say something different though.

You know you sound like a 15 year old complaining that someone TNT’d their newly built Stone house right? Its not cheating if they own the server. If that’s the way the server owner would like to play join another server.

I saw 40min ago a plane on EU Central dropped 8 cargo and an admin who was flying to it…

I call BS you can’t fly EVEN if you have admin powers ALSO planes don’t spawn 8 crates at one max of 3

It’s still playing under unfaithful pretenses. However nothing anchors people to stay on a particular server - if they do not like the admins or the nature of their administration they can leave.

There task is to provide some server for showcase and a survivial game server is not a purpose for only cheating I mean do you know any bf3 or bf4 server hoster who says you can CHEAT legal .

ps: it was not my base I don’t give a shit about the base

I think condemning every server administration as an administrator abuser is really childish. Not all of us are going around killing people just because we have rcon and we can. I bought a server so that me and my friends could build in peace without the giant clans that play this game don’t come around and raid us while we’re trying to build.