Garry, please don't forget about us low end computer people!

My friends and I love this game! Even though we have to tweak some stuff to get the best performance out of our pc’s to stand a fighting chance, that it’s all worth it in the end.

We know this game isn’t fully optimized, but what does optimized really mean? (Serious question) Because when my friends and I played a certain survivor game which was horribly criticized (you probably know what I’m talking about) We could run it smoothly until they started “optimizing” it to the point I get 10-5 fps ingame. We had to give up that game in hopes of looking for a survivor game that would could run.

THEN BOOM! RUST! Our glimmer of hope, our ray of sunshine! This game runs pretty smoothly on our pc’s and has some of the best survivor mechanics ever!!!

My friends and I believe in Facepunch and we believe that you have us somewhere in those thoughts and will not forget about us when the game is fully launched! I am also speaking for the few out there like us, who have low end pc’s and can’t afford a gaming rig!
Anyways, keep up the great work FP! :rock:

EDIT: I already use start launch option. I have good 30-40 fps without the launch option anyways, but without it I notice a delay with my mouse. So that’s why I use the launch option.:quagmire:

EDIT: The game I was talking about is WAR $.

-force-feature-level-9-3 -popupwindow -nolog -force-opengl put that in steam - library - rust - propertys - set launch option.

I have good fps right now…op was just for when the game is released. BTW I use a different launch option.

Lol best tip is to not buy an early access game with a shit rig. But as the man above stated

Also turning off the grass with this console command, “grass.on false” will help you a lot.

what does the force-opengl part do???

It forces opengl

Hehe, I bought the game when the auction started and I still have errors, I ask people and no one answers, EVER.

I guess I am forever alone… (suicide button was removed?)

FUN FACT: Xanbunny has asked for help over 10 times now and no one seems to give a shit ;-;

I’m pretty sure -force-feature-level-9-3 removes the high feature grass

Doesn’t -force-feature-level-9-3 glitch everything?

I haven’t tried the -force-opengl part yet, and I will have to. I have used the rest and it definitely gave a HUGE increase to FPS where the game is now playable. The only problem is that i need to have AA on otherwise my sky looks like it is on acid, but having AA enabled puts my weapons upside down. No idea why :-. Hopefully the opengl force will fix it!

I had horrendous FPS when I first installed the game. I’m using this in my launch parameters

and AA set to 2X and it’s been working really good. I usually disable grass as well since it gives a nice FPS boost and makes seeing stuff on the ground a little easier.

you have no issues with your weapon being upside down? I’ll have to also try to -force-d3d9. Thanks for letting me know.

Nope. Weapon is right-side up, sky doesn’t look crazy and I’ve had very few graphical glitches.

The reason the frames went to 5-10- that one time was because of a bug that caused all of the rocks in the map to be loaded all at once. (also they had shader bugging and low texture bug)

How do you set AA to 2X?

It is in the game options once you are in game. Just go to Options -> Graphics, and you can see the option for AA.