Garry, please re-code/modify the Lua http.Get function!

Even though I’m 95% sure you don’t read these, and I’m not entirely sure that you’re capable of doing this, I would like to suggest that the http.Get function be re-coded. While it works as is, for the most part, a few modifications would dramatically increase the function’s range of uses.

The first modification I suggest, is that you allow larger URLs (strings) to be sent for the first argument. Many links are longer than 255 characters, which is the maximum accepted argument length if I’m not mistaken. By doing something as simple as increasing the argument string limit, you save a lot of developers whom will use this function from dedicating an unnecessary amount of effort, stress, thought, and time throughout the process of creating and/or trying to find a workaround for this function.

The next modification I suggest, is that you fix the second argument, headers. The second argument simply will not work, no matter what I pass. I won’t go into detail of the importance of headers as I’m sure you are already well informed on the subject, if you weren’t I doubt you would have added the second argument in the first place. There is the off chance that I’m just using the function’s second argument wrong though. If you or someone else determines that that is in fact the case, please notify me as to how it is correctly used.

If you’re reading this, I can only hope I’ve successfully persuaded you to take a moment of your time to change how this function works behind the scenes. Whether you do decide to or not, you should know that the modifications I presented for this function would not only greatly benefit us Lua scripters, but also the Garry’s Mod community as a whole.

Thanks for reading!


For the first one, you could use tinyurl or a php redirect on a free host.

Yeah, thought about that.

It’s really more the headers I was worried about. I figured I might as well suggest that the argument length be extended while I was seeing if the headers could be fixed.

The http panels are not Garry’s fault, but Valves’ fault. Go tell Valve this.

We’re talking about lua here, Valve have no involvement with the lua in Source mods, Ted.

Guess what? The HTML panel uses Valve’s browser, which is shit. (It mounts IE)

Have a box.

Pretty much this, it doesn’t as much “mount” it, it just uses the frame and calls all functions from IE, which is why the performance of it can vary from user to user, depending on which version of IE they have installed. So yes AcidSoldier, it is a problem with Valve. A solution would be to use the gm_chrome module in place of standard http panels.

To quote AzuiSleet;