Garry Please Read / Poll feedback

okay garry so i cant private message you i think so i guess i will have to try to contact you this way

i have conducted alot of polls on the forum lately and i think if you took 5 mins to just look at my “latest started thread” section you could gain much insight into what your players truly desire :slight_smile:

The most relavant 1 must be the post called “Woodstacks/nodes” even though my opinion got crushed there is still alot of usefull on how to improve the current woodfarming systen

anyway just wanted to let you know if you didnt, thought the information should not go to waste.

sincerly a big rust fan

ok, kid, prepare for the backlash.

gonna put this simply. here is the pecking order

Family he likes
Garry’s team
Garry’s close friends
His teams friends
famous people
Semi-famous people
Garry’s aquaintences
50 more titles
THEN people who own one of his games…
the only single people with less influence than you or I are persons who havent bought his game.
and that may be untrue, since he may take advice from them, so they buy the game.

Point is, shut up, sit down, play the game before someone decides to emotionally destroy you over comments. You and I have no pull, no power, no influence whatsoever.

that being said, if you can stir debate on important mechanics of the game, more power to you. But lets be real. chances of garry reading this? one in a million. chances of him responding/following up by reading your topics? Negligible.

Woodpiles is probably not the best example to put forward. If you dislike the harvest rates on trees, we can talk wood-per-swing and total node amounts. But those woodpiles… just, no. If we move away from trees as a source of wood, the tree-hugging eco-terrorists win.

And we can’t let the terrorists win.

i have stopped suggestings the stacks even though i think that would improve woodfarming drastically but i know the community think it is unrealistic… but we came to a solution in that thread small and big trees with different gathering rates and growth rates :slight_smile:

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okay give me your best shot at destroying me over comments bro ?

okay fair he might not see he’s a busy man but im mearly trying to help not waste their time thats why i made polls so they can get a quick overview

so, if your opinion was crushed, wouldn’t that suggest that what you were offering was not what the players “truly desire”? :wink:

regardless, garry and his team DO read the threads in the forum and take ideas/feedback, they just don’t reply unless they need/really want to; part of the reason they rarely reply is the immediate influx of derailing comments such as “while i have you…” and “garry, why my computer no run rust!!!”.

my god are you dylexic or something bro?? i admit yes my opinion got crushed… but every1 agreed on wood farming is boring as fuck but ppl just want to farm from trees because its more realistic but dosent mean they like that solution aswell?

okay i glad to hear that :slight_smile: just wanted to make sure he see’s these poll’s, ive used to much time on this forum so it would be nice if it helped them :slight_smile:

I second this. Sorry railj, but of all examples you could have used to support your argument, this was probably the worst one ever. Yes, your opinion got crushed. The only people that want wood nodes is a small minority of Legacy players that love that nostalgic aspect of it. Personally, I always thought the magically appearing wood nodes that you beat with a pick axe were beyond retarded considering you had a hatchet and there were trees everywhere that could already provide wood. It was a bad idea then and it’s a bad idea now.

That said, I’ll agree farming resources is not much fun. But then again, look at ANY game that has farming as part of the game progression. You’ll hear pretty much the same comments from people - that it’s a boring and tedious aspect of the game. You know what? So it doing it in real life - be it physically gathering stuff or even going to your job for 8 hours a day to gather money so you can do fun stuff in your down time.

With farming, quarries and pump jacks capable of producing ample food, mineral and fuel resources, wood is the only farming that’s really left in Rust. I think our in-game “quality of life” has improved pretty drastically. There has to be at least 1 farming activity remaining that bears some risk.

I still have that wood plugin on my todo list, I just haven’t got around to it yet :slight_smile:

yes many aspects of have improved does that mean it has to stop improving? how can you take real life experience and apply it to rust it makes no godamn sense quite frankly its retarded.

no wood farming does not have to be boring because it is in real life? if you want such a realistic game why dont you go play “Lumberjack simulator” instead of ruining rust with mindless comments like these

and no we dont love the fucking nostalgie we like running around exploring seeing what others has made and encountering danger not standing in a forest with such high abundance you dont really need to move then just stand there hold down mouse 1 untill your inventory is full HOW IS THIS A GOOD SOLUTION?!?!

What is more fun to you guys holding down mouse 1 or exploring?

Seriously, it’s not about the game needing to adjust to your play style. It’s about adjusting your play style to match the game. If you can’t figure out how to balance the difference aspects of it when many other people are managing quite successfully, then the problem is on your shoulders. You need to adjust your play style to adapt to the changing game rather than wanting Garry to back pedal and make the current Rust more like Legacy. Or perhaps, play Legacy? Or perhaps play on Deicide’s modded server that feels a lot more like Legacy.

And FYI, I do plenty of exploring. There’s practically no fog of war left on my paper map. I used to do a lot of farming for resources as well. Now with quarries and jacks, the only thing I have to farm is wood, and I’m good with that. The fact that it’s conveniently available in abundance in the forest near my base means I can harvest my daily quota of wood to keep furnaces / refineries going (usually takes less than an hour), do whatever I need in my base, and get get out and do stuff for the rest of my play session. With each major change that changes the dynamics, I adapt and change my play style to suit.

you have your head so far up their asses its completely ridiculos!!.

look here kid understand this rust is about being efficient and thats why you as you admit spend 1 hour holding down mouse 1 nearby your base and you think this is good fun ??? how ??? really?! but i understand why i done mysellf because again efficiency…

all im saying is i would like wood farming to be more like barrel hunting which makes ppl explore the burden should not be holding down mouse 1 it should be exploring how is this so difficult for you to understand?

(User was permabanned for this post ("Flaming, blew your birthday unban." - Big Dumb American))

lol @ “kid”. I could probably be a father to a lot of the members of this forum.

Keep yapping. You just keep making yourself look dumber with each post (didn’t think that could be possible). Keep trying to prove your point with polls that no one agrees with. With a sense of reason and logic like that, you’ll provide great entertainment. This is the last reply you get from me.

PS. Go play Legacy, because it seems from all your threads and polls, that’s what you want Rust to revert back to anyway.

Playing devil’s advocate here, Crunch, I respect your opinions even though I disagree with lots of them. Did you read the post I made about revamping the trees?

Short story is trees should have higher yields AND rate the bigger they get and grow naturally from a small tree to a big tree to an old tree to a decaying tree and eventually fall down. All these stages would yield different amounts at different speeds.

There are “rare” trees right now in the game but they have the same values as any other tree. It would be pretty simple to just reused all that is there and tweak it.

This would feel more natural and encourage people to actually move around and not farm 100’ from their base all day long.

Now this is an intriguing topic of conversation. Remember that a few months back trees had different harvest rates, wood-per-node, and tool requirements. Also, there was a forest glitch that dropped your framerate to a frame every few seconds… But the differences in trees was a blast. Working that alongside your tree life-cycle mechanic would make wood gathering an actual knowledge-based skill.

I actually have it all layed out in a document at home, I just need to get to it. In fact I have started coding it and testing stuff… The major letdown so far is that I can’t find a way to change the scale of trees… I’d like to have a timer that makes trees grow by changing their scale every X hours by a small amount and base the gathering amount and yield based on scale, but unfortunately when I change the scale it resets back to what it was and there is no visual effect. I even tried deleting the tree and spawning one right in the same spot with a bigger scale and I can’t get it to work.

I can still play with the existing models without scaling, trees do have different sizes but it would have been cool to keep an oak an oak not not having to mix species.

Anyways, work in progress, I have other stuff on my plate but that’s one of the next mods I’ll tackle.

Now this is an idea that I could get behind.

This is total cheezewhiz, but would it be possible to spawn the tree under the ground (so only its top is showing) then have it “grow” by pushing upwards at interval? For pine and even palm trees this might work, although oak and other fuller trees might not play out as well…

Yeah I can toy with the position but… this would look dumb for a lot of them! Good thinking though, I’ll keep that in mind and see if I can use it at least partially.