Garry please read this

i cant verify my god damn account. i do every thing the verify control says but for no use it does not work. please, is there any other way?

Is your profile set to private?

Do you own garrysmod?

Tell us why it won’t work.

Everything you need to do it’s throw a code at your profile dude

but you need to set a custom profile, i bet you’re using the “bunch of numbers” profile

It’s not his problem it’s yours. Just pointing that out Garry isn’t here to help everyone personal. Thats why he have Face Punch, and moderators.

Is that you?

Buy GMod, pirate.

You all do know that this is two days old, and he’s already, most likely, figured it out?

and that probably is him in the picture, so realize who you’re dealing with.

Its actually a girl from this video