GARRY: Portal + Gmod= Props Only?

I have CSS and Gmod And got portal too. But I was SAD to discover that portal only gives props. I know Mahalis is working on a portal gun, but this game should really include turrets, energy balls, GLaDOS, ect. Garry, this must be like hell to convert, but I think it should really be done since now A LOT of people have portal.

Glados isn’t an npc, the energy balls are already in gmod, none of the portal guns work (if mahalis is trying to fix his, I haven’t heard about it). The turrets are somewhere on

Yeah but it would be cool if GLaDOS was a NPC

To get portal turrets get model manipulate and give the model of portal turrets to the standard floor turrets.

That’s the retarded way.

There’s actual NPCs ported from portal that are exactly the same as the Portal turrets. Voice and everything.

Spawn it in the skybox.

You’ll shit bricks. Its too awesome.

Turrets: They’re the same as hl2’s combine turrets but reskinned, and have slightly modded AI

Energy Balls: They’re the same as hl2’s Combine balls

Mind showing where you’d find them?

There are no talking ones on

Yes, I totally agree.

Not even google gives me talking ones.

No idea why this was never done, maybe it’ll never be made.

I know for a fact that Silverlan’s working on a good portal turret. Don’t know when or even if it’ll be released but I know he has one. Just, you know, don’t bug him about releasing it.

It’s even the same AI, they just make different noises when they spot you.