Garry - Quality of life update...

One small thing that really bugs me, and shouldn’t be hard to change at all… when your in a large box scrolling up and down on the inventory, the scroll only works if your cursor is on one of the item squares. If its in the cracks in between them, the scroll wheel doesn’t work.

Another thing to add:

If we could get “signs” in the game, that would be very nice. In a minecraft style, can mount on a wall, or just placed in the ground.


Would be nice if they fix that…

Nice, I never realized THAT was why it did that.

Oooh yeah, I hate it.

And disable the scroll when there is nowhere to scroll to. The small crates have some play in them even though the whole box inventory is visible.

+1 its so annoying

Agreed. There is lots to work on in this game, but little things with the GUI make a big difference.